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Yesterday did pretty well with the diet, considering it was a Saturday. Today, I was going to make French Onion Soup, but after reading the instructions, I realized it is going to be an extremely long cooking project that isn't going to happen in a single day. It will have to wait until next weekend. Actually, I think I may go ahead and stew the onions on Wednesday and have them in the fridge for several days - as recommended by several cooks - it allegedly makes the finished version taste better.

They also declare that you should only use homemade broths. Well, unless I'm cooking something pretty soon here either a roast or a chicken, that isn't going to happen, will have to settle for "factory" broths. The idea for this came from my Cafe World game where I see this French Onion Soup and oh, do I love that stuff. I have no idea what the caloric content of such is, perhaps I better find that out as well before making it. I imagine the cheese is the calorie …