Monday, January 18, 2010


The devastation in Haiti is unbelievable. I can't not read the news about it. The Marines arrival should help to get relief supplies to where it's needed. I have very little to say about the situation except - God have mercy. The very sad thing is that these people are either blaming God for this or openly expressing that there is no God. I'm not judging them, the extremeness of the disaster is paled only by the fact that sufficient amount of aid in the form of medical supplies; food and water have yet to arrive for most of the people that need it. People sitting there bluntly saying: "we're dying".

Completely changing the subject, yesterday's football fiasco was disappointing to say the least. These blow-out games in the off-season are ridiculous. How does a team make it that far and then tank in the most important game for that team of the season? Cowboys totally sucked - I'm not a fan in fact I hate that team so it was not sooo terribly bad, but still, they could have put up a much better fight. Last week, the Cardinals got completely blown away. I certainly hope whoever ends up in the Superbowl - that we don't see anything like this. The only good playoff games, imo, are games that are nail-biters, anyone-could-win-the-game-to-the-finish of the game.

I slightly broke diet yesterday in eating 5 tacos and a medium sized plate of spaghetti. I didn't eat anything else, but that in itself is a lot of food. I don't believe a lot of fat calories, though, cause' I used 93% lean ground beef for the tacos, the rest of it is vegetables,hot sauce and fat free sour cream. Today I will be back full-fledged into a strict eating regime that will mirror last week's determination. I figured one of these weekends days I would probably not do as well as the days before it, so there you go.

As for projects, I spent a couple of hours yesterday clearing out dead leaves and rocks and stuff around the plants and then spreading the new landscaping rock around them. I have a lot left to do, but I am enjoying the work and am not really in a huge hurry - mostly because I AM enjoying it. It has become blatantly obvious that the living room carpet needs to be replaced. I have put out some feelers to see about pricing and get that situation rectified, as I want to keep my house looking good. It's just worn down from the amount of foot traffic - both human and dog - that goes through there. I would rather have ceramic tile installed, but I can't afford that right now. Well, I take that back, maybe I could afford the tile - not really sure - but I have no idea how to install it, I would have to watch someone who does it for a living.

So, perhaps I'll give a little more thought and effort to looking into pricing on the tile and seeing about getting someone over to do it - there seems to be several people that "claim" to do have been doing it for a living on Craigslist that are unemployed now, perhaps I could get one of those people over at a bit reduced rate. I just know that carpet is cheaper and getting it installed is much cheaper - one room is not much work for a professional installer.

Anyway, word day is here and I'm outta here.
Have a great day (and keep Haiti in your prayers)!

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