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Forecasters. Where do they get these people? It was forecast to rain all day today, now it's not forecast to rain at all except "early" morning hours. Then, it's supposed to be a gully-washer tomorrow. Bahhhh.

Whatever. I guess it's a good thing for getting deliveries out, but I was looking forward to an entire weekday's week worth of raining every day.

So, the Dems agenda is now in an upheaval. I'm not sorry to say that there are plenty of Americans out there that are totally opposed to this health-care plan as it currently exists and don't want it. What amazes me is that they are now saying:"well, if we can't have a filibuster-proof majority, then we ought to approve the Senate version of it and send it directly to Obama's desk" while several of these morons are stating THEY HAVEN'T EVEN READ OR ANALYZED IT YET!!!

HOW do THESE people get into office? Do you consider it good representation from your elected representati…