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Fifth Wheel

I've spent a good portion of the afternoon making one phone call after another after another. Unbelievable. I am attempting to get the 5th wheel - it doesn't need any work and it's going for $650, versus the travel trailer that would need a lot of work - and money - and is going for $600. Anyway, I found a guy to move it at a good price. He went over there to look at it - he lives like 10 blocks away from where it's parked - called me back and said it needs a truck with no bed on it - a semi in other words or a pickup that is a flatbed - with a 5th wheel - to move it.

So, that threw the whole deal back into chaos as I had the whole thing worked out. Gag. Well, whatever. Now the deal is back into the seller's hands who is going to find someone he knows to move it and lets get this deal over with already.

Thank you.

I have this feeling the tenancy situation is going to change around here and I have no clue s to why. Butwhen I get feelings like that, I don'…


Woke up in the middle of a very deep and sound sleep. That alarm clock was at it's second level of beeping. I am groggy and haven't been able to fully wake up. I could have slept several more hours at least. This is the 3rd time this week that this has happened - I have been on a sleep deficit for quite some time, apparently something in the brain has clicked and said it's time to do something about that.

Rain has stopped this morning, but it was obvious it had rained all night long. All that stuff going on in California is coming straight over here. The interesting point of yesterday was the tornado warning. No, folks, I have never heard of a tornado warning in Phoenix, Arizona. It was at least a 5 hour long warning and I went outside, in the rain and was looking around at the sky. I didn't hear of any tornados touching down, but then again, I haven't read the local news yet. I believe it's supposed to rain off and on all day today as well. Well, I j…