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This blog is getting close to 500 entries. Yikes.

I have no valid reason to offer why I think this, but today feesl like Monday. Perhaps because I got off of work so early on Friday, I really don't know, but I was panicing thinking that I was late/missing work. Fortunately it wasn't true, funny the realms the mind goes to whilst in sleep.

I have not heard back from the guy with the RV - though I think I may end up finding someone on my own to move the thing. In fact, I think I will find out whether the king pin on a travel trailer is the same as on a semi trailer - I could just give work some money in exchange for use of the semi to move that thing. I'm just afraid that perhaps the king pins are different widths between the 2 and then - could be a disaster pulling it down the road.

Cleaning day. I am going to go into full blown clean mode here in a little while. I'm not saying my place is a disaster, but it does not a good, major cleaning. The are a couple…