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Didn't sleep well last night. Oh well. Lots of stuff to do today - I'll be pulling orders and driving all over the valley pretty much all day long.

Diet is having it's intended effect: my pants are starting to loosen up. I put on a pair of jeans this morning that had been fairly tight, they are now falling off my @$$ without use of a belt. This was the only reason, really, that I started this diet, so that I would not have to move up to a size 34 from my current size 33. I'll find out in a few minutes if the waist reduction is also seen with my work pants which REALLY started getting tight and I was really thinking of ordering a whole new set of the next size up.

Yesterday, however, I went overboard on calories in eating 2 burritos and a bowl of french soup. The soup was pretty low on calories by virtue of fact of adding only a smidgeon of cheese, but the burritos - a different story.

I don't really mind "indulging" once in a while to combat the effe…

Cafe World Tips Part 4

I have had several of my Cafe World neighbors asking me in Facebook messages how I get my Cafe points up so quickly.

Well I can tell you it isn't because I sit at work all day long playing the game - any streaming video/footage is banned at work - it simply won't come through. I don't normally have time for such, anyway.

There are 2 answers to the question.

1st: It's simply that I keep my ovens cooking all the time. I am at work now, but I have chocolate cake "cooking" on my stoves. When I get home from work, the cake is done, I serve it, start cooking something else. I just base the game on my schedule and when I think I'll be home to be able to sit down for a few minutes and get it done.

2cd: I am of the competitive nature. If one of my neighbors starts catching up to me and am at threat of being overtaken in Cafe points by such, I sort of cheat. It's not really cheating, but it does cost you gold coins. I will start making serving after servi…