Monday, January 25, 2010


Didn't sleep well last night. Oh well. Lots of stuff to do today - I'll be pulling orders and driving all over the valley pretty much all day long.

Diet is having it's intended effect: my pants are starting to loosen up. I put on a pair of jeans this morning that had been fairly tight, they are now falling off my @$$ without use of a belt. This was the only reason, really, that I started this diet, so that I would not have to move up to a size 34 from my current size 33. I'll find out in a few minutes if the waist reduction is also seen with my work pants which REALLY started getting tight and I was really thinking of ordering a whole new set of the next size up.

Yesterday, however, I went overboard on calories in eating 2 burritos and a bowl of french soup. The soup was pretty low on calories by virtue of fact of adding only a smidgeon of cheese, but the burritos - a different story.

I don't really mind "indulging" once in a while to combat the effect on the mind that I am denying myself. Especially on a Sunday, and while watching NFL football. Speaking of that, that Saints V Vikings game last night was a true nailbiter. It went into overtime - the score was 28 - 28. Saints got the ball first and - yes - the Saints scored first, winning the game.

I am neither a Saints nor a Vikings fan, but I would have liked to seen Favre go to the Superbowl. I am also not a fan of the rule they changed however many years ago in "the first team that scores, wins" in OT. I'm sitting there watching Favre gut it out - watching OT finish out his hopes of goin to the bowl and not even getting a chance to throw the ball. I've seen this scenario played out many times over and I just think they should revert it back to a full, 15-minute period. I think they did that to shorten games.

I really have little interest in either team going to the Superbowl this year, but I am a football fan and I will watch the game anyway.

Nothing much new on the homefront. The weekly-paying tenant - paid. The ex-Marine - no clue what's going to happen there, he's still waiting to hear back about his new job - he had to do drug testing and that was a sticking point - pass it he's hired, don't pass it - obvious. The other guy is hurting and offered me most of the rest of what he owes for this month, but I gave him a pass because he was headed out to CA to go to a funeral of a relative who died last week of a drug overdose.

I have heard nothing from the guy with the 5th wheel and I am about to give up on it. If he calls, great, if he doesn't no loss.

Work day almost here, gotta get offa here.

Have a great day!

Cafe World Tips Part 4

I have had several of my Cafe World neighbors asking me in Facebook messages how I get my Cafe points up so quickly.

Well I can tell you it isn't because I sit at work all day long playing the game - any streaming video/footage is banned at work - it simply won't come through. I don't normally have time for such, anyway.

There are 2 answers to the question.

1st: It's simply that I keep my ovens cooking all the time. I am at work now, but I have chocolate cake "cooking" on my stoves. When I get home from work, the cake is done, I serve it, start cooking something else. I just base the game on my schedule and when I think I'll be home to be able to sit down for a few minutes and get it done.

2cd: I am of the competitive nature. If one of my neighbors starts catching up to me and am at threat of being overtaken in Cafe points by such, I sort of cheat. It's not really cheating, but it does cost you gold coins. I will start making serving after serving after serving of the dumplings. It gives you 20 points for each phase of preparing the food to be cooked. When it starts cooking, I delete the dish and start over. I can rack up thousands of points quickly simply by doing that.

I don't do that often and right now, the nearest neighbor is over 60,000 points behind me. I have 113 neighbors.

I also have currently around 200,000 servings of food on my counters. It doesn't take long to get those kinds of numbers up when you are cooking basically around the clock.

That's it for this one. Remember that when you get gifts from neighbors, they do NOT add up for any Cafe points. Not that you shouldn't use them, but if you are looking to rack up points, gifts are not going to do it for you.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...