Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Scope Of Things

I never cease to marvel at the vast illiteracy to be found on Craigslist. I read some of the stuff and find the content so illegible, it's actually funny. Yes, I was just at Craigslist and yes, I was reading a posting by a person who must have just fallen off the watermelon wagon. Then there is the guy who keeps posting a date for the end of the world, I think it was sometime next year. He claims that satan is in control of the church.

Okayyyyyyy then. Last time I looked, God was still on the throne and He wasn't too worried about the devil taking over the earth. Just one man's take on it, yes, but I think a pretty reliable statement that you can bookmark and store away somewhere as factual. Pretty much, I go to Craiglist every morning for a daily dose of entertainment.

Yes, well enough of that. The search for someone to move the trailer goes on. I spoke with a gentleman yesterday who says he's coming over to my house - sent by the seller - to ensure that the thing can actually be maneuvered onto my property. ???? I don't have a problem with that, but I didn't know the thing was that long that it needed that kind of scrutiny? The man informed me that the trailer is 40 feet long. Exactly what I did NOT want, a behemoth of a trailer taking up a lot of space on the side of my house. Well, if it ever does come to pass, it is not a permanent setup. In fact, I have a good idea what to do with the thing after I am done with it on my property. There is a small RV park on Main street in Tempe - I lived in that little park for a short period of time LONG ago when I was broke, destitute and had a little travel trailer to live in - it was better than the streets.

The lot rent there is something like $125 per month. The trailer could be parked there and I could simply "sublet" the space to someone else that is also broke, destitute and needing a helping hand for a little more than that - gotta make something off the deal. Say - $250. Alright, how about $225? $200? Well, whatever. Whatever I can get, that is. The park allows you to set up a little fenced area - you could have a dog there as well if you wanted one. I would make it a nice little setup with everything a person needs including an SRP M-Power meter - the prepaid power stuff. I wouldn't get dumped with a monthly bill for electricity and the potential tenant could - pay for electricity or not.

You'd be surprised at how many people are living in dark houses. That is, a house without power. Again, broke, destitute, losing hope, they have a shell of what their lives once were. Middle-class Americans that would have never dreamed that life was going to get so bleak for want of money. I have lived that life - for decades actually - I KNOW what it's like to live without and do it for extended periods of time. You want to know why I am doing whatever it takes to hold onto my property? I have images of living in travel trailers or apartments or some other kind of rental unit somewhere: those images DRIVE me to stay solvent.

The thought of going back to that kind of living is actually repulsive to me. Just BECAUSE I lived that kind of life for so long. In reality, if I could find a plot of land somewhere - cheap of course - I could make my own RV park and have the units already in place to rent them out. At a cheap enough price, that park would be full of people in no time. At least in the current economy, anyway. Just as an example, I was reading an ad by a couple that are relocating here and are needing a temporary place to stay. They freely admit they are broke and have a large dog - a Great Dane to be precise. I am always having thoughts about how to increase my income without really putting myself out too much.

Anyway, I am hoping this guy can move the trailer and I will keep his number if he can for when I need it moved again.

As for this entry, I actually was going to go on as I feel "talkative" through writing this morning, but the clock is ticking against me and I must be getting my head into work mode.

G'day, folks.

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