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The Scope Of Things

I never cease to marvel at the vast illiteracy to be found on Craigslist. I read some of the stuff and find the content so illegible, it's actually funny. Yes, I was just at Craigslist and yes, I was reading a posting by a person who must have just fallen off the watermelon wagon. Then there is the guy who keeps posting a date for the end of the world, I think it was sometime next year. He claims that satan is in control of the church.

Okayyyyyyy then. Last time I looked, God was still on the throne and He wasn't too worried about the devil taking over the earth. Just one man's take on it, yes, but I think a pretty reliable statement that you can bookmark and store away somewhere as factual. Pretty much, I go to Craiglist every morning for a daily dose of entertainment.

Yes, well enough of that. The search for someone to move the trailer goes on. I spoke with a gentleman yesterday who says he's coming over to my house - sent by the seller - to ensure that th…