Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Rain

Unbelievably, it is raining again. It's not that I'm tired of the rain - bring it on - but just shut it off while we have to work outside, okay? Another "I should have called in sick" day. There is about half a day's work in the system, I'm hoping to get it done and go home early.

Of course, that was my hope yesterday, as well, but instead spent 10-1/2 hours at work. I feel better than I did yesterday, but I'm certainly nowhere near 100%.

Ummm, not much going on, really. I didn't watch the president's speech. No interest in that president, therefore, no interest in much of anything he has to say. The man has focused on a bill that will waste a BIG pile of money while totally ignoring the fact that our economy is in a shambles and certainly, spending even MORE money is NOT the answer. Why don't we try to find a way to help all these people who don't have jobs and have lost their homes first? I'm sure those people could give a whack's ass about anything BUT getting jobs and getting back into decent housing.

I fret everyday at work - I haven't heard of any more layoffs coming, but who knows? I do my job, hope to be employed at the end of the day - and the next morning - and that's the size of the American economy right now. Those that are fortunate enough to still be employed are certainly not thinking that their jobs are removed from the chopping block potential. It's a very bleak scenario for many, many people, if the government wants to help (which I have serious reservations that the government should have ever tried to get involved with any of this to begin with) let it help people start growing a bank account again. The rest is pure bunk.

Whatever. Work day is here, it's pouring rain outside, I don't feel well - great day!

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