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More Rain

Unbelievably, it is raining again. It's not that I'm tired of the rain - bring it on - but just shut it off while we have to work outside, okay? Another "I should have called in sick" day. There is about half a day's work in the system, I'm hoping to get it done and go home early.

Of course, that was my hope yesterday, as well, but instead spent 10-1/2 hours at work. I feel better than I did yesterday, but I'm certainly nowhere near 100%.

Ummm, not much going on, really. I didn't watch the president's speech. No interest in that president, therefore, no interest in much of anything he has to say. The man has focused on a bill that will waste a BIG pile of money while totally ignoring the fact that our economy is in a shambles and certainly, spending even MORE money is NOT the answer. Why don't we try to find a way to help all these people who don't have jobs and have lost their homes first? I'm sure those people could give a w…