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Between Facebook, this blog and copying and pasting to my other blog, I think I over-vented yesterday. It still blows me away that such an accusation could not only be made by a manager, but also be made without even ATTEMPTING to verify the validity of it either before or after the accusation was broadcast to at least 2 other managers, probably even more.

It was really my fortune that this man said something to me about my alleged over-use of the internet the other day, elsewise I wouldn't have ever known about it and the accusations that were made behind my back? Maybe would have found out about it at the pink slip table, who knows. The thing about this that sticks in my mind is the way he said it, when he said "you are on the internet quite a lot" or whatever he said, my mind is allowing that to phase out so as I don't dwell - and stew - on it so much.

I made my case to the general manager and now whatever happens is in his realm of authority to deal with. I…