Saturday, January 30, 2010


Between Facebook, this blog and copying and pasting to my other blog, I think I over-vented yesterday. It still blows me away that such an accusation could not only be made by a manager, but also be made without even ATTEMPTING to verify the validity of it either before or after the accusation was broadcast to at least 2 other managers, probably even more.

It was really my fortune that this man said something to me about my alleged over-use of the internet the other day, elsewise I wouldn't have ever known about it and the accusations that were made behind my back? Maybe would have found out about it at the pink slip table, who knows. The thing about this that sticks in my mind is the way he said it, when he said "you are on the internet quite a lot" or whatever he said, my mind is allowing that to phase out so as I don't dwell - and stew - on it so much.

I made my case to the general manager and now whatever happens is in his realm of authority to deal with. I have to wonder just how many ears heard about this "fact" that I am sitting on the internet all the time, doing nothing? How far out of management ranks did it go? It's pure poison, or maybe more like a contagious disease - it spreads easily and quickly.

How long am I going to go on about this? Until there is a resolution to the situation. When a manager in a company makes unjustifiable statements and it's found out, the only thing that will resolve it for me is a heart-felt apology. If I don't get that, then at the very least, keep his nose out of the inner workings of a store that he has absolutely nothing to do with, is not his job title or role and falls under no category, whatsoever, of the realm of his dealings.

Anyway, I bought a trailer today. It's the one that I have been vascillating on whether to get it or not. I figured, after all this time, that I wasn't going to find anything better for the money. I may be able to find other units - this one needs a lot of interior work, yes, but the price tag on it won't be that great - carpet, some wall panelling, a good cleaning. What sold me on it is that it is obvious the roof has never leaked, the structure is good. The back bedroom will have it's wood workings torn out of it, carpet installed and then either a twin or queen bed put into it. The front - needs panelling, some caulking, just fix up stuff.

If the guy that is intended to move into it doesn't want it, I will fix the thing up and resell it for what I have into it. Or just try to resell it for what I paid for it, plus the $50 I am giving to my neighbor tomorrow to move it over here. This isn't really a money-making deal here. Though, really, if I spent $300 on the interior in buying the stuff to refurbish it, I could sell it for somewhere near twice what I paid for it. I'll have to decide that when/if I come to that bridge.

Nothing else. I am attempting to relax. I spent the week working while sick and that takes it's toll. There is plenty to do around here, but most of it can wait. Laundry and house-cleaning are always on the top of the list on weekends - and it will get done regardless of how I feel - but it can wait until tomorrow morning after I get back with the trailer. I have Friday off next week - our company gives a birthday holiday to everyone, I put in last month for it off so I could have a 3-day weekend.

I did not get the safe-driver award - with no explanation as to why. I do not have any at-fault accidents or tickets. Who knows. The money would have been nice, but oh well. It does have to do with management input - I don't wonder if this "internet" scandal had anything to do with it. I was kinda hoping for it - it would have paid for most of this trailer.

Oh, the tenant that left for CA last week to go to a funeral? No word. He has my phone number. I have no idea whether he left anything in his room or not. I'm guessing not. On Monday, if I have not heard from him, I will place a Notice of Abandonment on his bedroom door. If there is anything in there, it will be stored somewhere and that will be the end of that. I was VERY happy that the ex-Marine paid for the entire month's rent - I know he is hurting for money since he is still not employed, but he gets that disability check every month and fortunately for me, having a roof over his head takes precedence over - whatever else. The weekly payer - always pays. So, I'm only short this 3rd person right now. Actually, if he decided to leave, I could offer this older gent the room for a reduced rate - in exchange for work - and would be much nicer than a trailer.

Thats all folks. Major Payne is on - one of the few comedy movies that I thoroughly enjoy and I intend on watching it.


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