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Random Thoughts

I will turn 46 on Friday. I guess it doesn't really hit me as hard as when I first turned 40 - or 41 - or 42. I have never really thought I have wasted my life because I have spent much of it - adult version of it anyway - doing missionary work and helping people that are in less fortunate circumstances. I am still doing it now - to a lessor degree of course because of financial setbacks, but I don't see a time when I will ever stop trying to help people. The only reason I say that is because I look at other people my age who have big bank accounts and toys and all kinds of goodies with higher paying jobs. I then look at what all of that means.

Would I like to have a higher paying job than I have now? Wouldn't anyone? I would like to be able to support myself without HAVING to have tenants living in my house -definitely, but I am not envious of richer - or much richer people. That isn't any way to live life, in fact, that isn't living at all.

Let's mo…


Yes, I'm at work, no I'm not on the clock and yes, I decided that I am not going to forsake my daily rituals because of one person's sour attitude towards me - a person I don't even know.
Until someone says something different, I will continue to do so. I suppose I could just as easily sit at home and drink coffee and surf the internet before leaving for work, but it's much easier to do it here - get done with surfing go straight into work mode. I'll be waiting for whatever news is going to come my way because of all of this.

Meanwhile, I'm reading of 13 students that were killed in Juarez, Mexico. Rather shocking, really, I spent a lot of time in that city from 1985 until 1990 doing missionary work. At least once a week I would drive over there and hand out food, clothing and blankets, but many weeks I would be over there every single day. We had found the orphanages and the old people that couldn't fend for themselves and would make it a point …