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Looks a little different when you start adding all those zeroes, doesn't it? This is our expected budget? This is why I am saying that the Obama administration easily over-shadows anything that Bush ever did, including the war in Iraq. We will be paying for this administration's bs for generations if something doesn't stop this tirade of spending such as we have never seen before. The word trillion is now being thrown around as the word billion "used" to be.

Even more alarming was the news report yesterday that stated the the "worst may be yet to come", that some analysts are predicting that the collapse of our economy is going to enter a far worse phase than anything we've seen yet. Well, if it does, you're definitely going to be looking at the next Great Depression. I slowed down on my food storage undertakings, I think I will up the ante in that department again. I am not going to caught empty-handed - no food; guns; …