Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Looks a little different when you start adding all those zeroes, doesn't it? This is our expected budget? This is why I am saying that the Obama administration easily over-shadows anything that Bush ever did, including the war in Iraq. We will be paying for this administration's bs for generations if something doesn't stop this tirade of spending such as we have never seen before. The word trillion is now being thrown around as the word billion "used" to be.

Even more alarming was the news report yesterday that stated the the "worst may be yet to come", that some analysts are predicting that the collapse of our economy is going to enter a far worse phase than anything we've seen yet. Well, if it does, you're definitely going to be looking at the next Great Depression. I slowed down on my food storage undertakings, I think I will up the ante in that department again. I am not going to caught empty-handed - no food; guns; nothing; if this situation gets any worse.

I have enough food in my freezers and my storage closet to last around 2 months. I have decided that I want enough canned food alone to last 3 months. I don't know how long that will take to accomplish, but accomplish it I want to do. I already have a place to go if this Phoenix area goes out of control. If more and more people continue to both lose their homes and their jobs, it is only a matter of time before the amount of criminal activity that we see will top anything we have EVER seen since whatever statistics have been taken.

You think I'm being paranoid, that's not it at all. You can't have thousands of people living on the streets that never had to live there before and even that many more about to end up there and not think that sooner or later, the levels of lawlessness are not going to rise to unprecedented numbers. Add to that the fact that the City of Phoenix as announced some 350 layoffs from the Phoenix Police Department. The force didn't have enough officers to begin with and now they are talking layoffs?

Trust me, if/when the unemployment benefits run out and people still can't find jobs, hungry, homeless, etc etc etc, the shit will hit the fan and it's going to spread out all over everyone. I am oh so very glad that my mother has her home locked up like a fortress. She does not open the door for strangers - they prey on the older folks living in Sun City all the time. When someone she doesn't know comes to her door, you can be rest assured she is standing there with a gun in her hand. It isn't pointed at the person at the door, but it is THERE, never-the-less.

I am not talking about living in fear, going mad-crazy with survivalist thoughts and theories, I'm simply talking about prudence, reality and making rational decisions to ensure that you aren't going to be out there starving as well. Take the other news story that came out that says that food levels will drop and that food shortages are coming. The news isn't particularly full of much of anything good right now.

I go to Craigslist and look at the housing wanted - some of these people are actually attempting to get free rent simply by giving you their bodies - whatever you want to do sexually to them, have a free for all. No, I want nothing to do with that, I'm just saying, if you want to see the levels of desperation that are going on out there,just look at some of those housing wanted postings.

No, it's not a pretty picture going on and it seems to be getting uglier every day.

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