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Normally, this would be hump day, but since I am not working Friday, the middle of the week occured the moment I logged out of work yesterday until now, just before logging back in.
And today looks to be very busy at work - busy, that is, if it doesn't rain too hard to shut down all the job sites. Yes, it's supposed to rain again, they give it 70% chance which is basically the statement that yes it is going to rain, the question is: how much?

The man that said he might want to live in the trailer finally called yesterday. He is coming tomorrow to take a look at the thing. I have not had a chance to start looking for materials yet - though I did place an ad on Craigslist with a list of materials needed.

Obama making more gaffes, this time his apparent tendency towards telling all of us Americans that we shouldn't be spending our money in Las Vegas when we're cash strapped. The first politcal player on the scene of this gaffe was Reid, which I thought rather hypocri…