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The man that was interested in fixing up and living in the trailer showed up today. In fact, he was finished the gutting work when I got home from work. I told he could start in on the project if he thought he wanted it. It will cost a couple a hundred to get it to where I want it in terms of the walls, floors and electricity. I really didn't HEAR him say he wanted to live in it, but - I wasn't paying him for his work today, so I assume by virtue of the fact that he was working on the thing that he does, indeed, want it.

I have had numerous replies for the room. One guy says he's going to come over tomorrow at noon. I say "say" because I get lots of that - they're coming but they never show. No big deal, it's part of the game. A couple I haven't replied to - their email pretty much gave them away, people I don't want to deal with and don't want living here. I'm not desperate - yet - I can wait and see if I can find another good ten…


Got off to a late start this morning - I had forgotten to write up a paper for the guy to read and decide whether he wants the trailer project or not. Leave that little tidy up to him. Had to put the trash cans out. Got in the car and drove off. I then remembered I had left the kitchen trash can on the floor and there are chicken bones in there. I figured to catch one of the dogs red-handed, so I turned around, went back home, snuck in and.......yup, the Catahoula, head buried so deep in the can she didn't even hear me sneaking up behind her, however, she got a very nice dose of reality when I did get within reach of her.

I also found the tenant that left for CA - and apparently never to return - his email address and wrote him a letter. What's up, where's my rent, are you coming back? Pretty short, sweet and right to the point. A couple of emails later he has determined he is probably going to move back to CA, please re-rent the room, but please do not throw out o…