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February 5th, 2010

The number of the day and the month of the day is particularly endearing to me, since it is my birthday - my 46th this time - and I do intend on enjoying the day even if I have plenty to get done today. What can I say, I have an empty room and that takes priority over most things in life - get a person in there and get them paying rent. I had thought that an increase in the number of birthdays would negatively affect my - thoughts about it - but really, after I hit 40 the rest of them haven't done much. I think perhaps hitting 50 might be a bit of a drag, but who knows.

I am not going to linger here long, I have a bathroom to clean and carpet to vacuum along with dusting. The kitchen is clean - I always keep it clean cause' I don't want cockroaches and the only way to combat them is to make sure there aren't any food particles laying ANYWHERE - meaning, yes, you even have to pull the oven out and clean under there periodically. Having an exterminator come once a …

Cafe World Tips - 5: Cafe World Slow

Why does Cafe World go so slow at some times and fast at others?

I have done some research on this problem and have found several things that may (or may not) help your Cafe World application run faster.

First off are computers that have dual processors. Apparently, Cafe World application will run MUCH faster if you set your computer to using only one of the processors instead of both. I don't have a computer with dual processors - I have a dinosaur puter' but it still runs good, so, anyway, I stole the information from an answer on another sight, as pasted below:

"OK, I figure out a way to solve this problem. This seems to occur only on those multiple processors systems. I have both a quad processors and duo processors systems. This is how you fix the problem. Open Facebook and go to Cafe World, then open Task Manager, you will notice the memory spike up for iexplorer.exe and resulting your Cafe World running really slow. Right click on it and select Set Affi…