Saturday, February 6, 2010


Umm, that would be Saturday. Taking yesterday off work was very nice. I spent several hours outside putting grass, weeds and distributing the landscaping rock behind the plants. That is the area where the grass is growing through the fence from the "neighbor's" yard - I ended up putting down thick, black plastic sheets over top of the ground so that any future grass or weeds won't have a chance and yes, sometimes that stuff can grow right through the rocks.

Now, that may not sound exciting to anyone, but I thoroughly enjoy spending time outside on whatever project I may have going, and right now, I have plenty of them. In fact, no new outside projects to be started until I finish what I have going - which will take some time to accomplish.

Anyway, I have to make a trip to Home Depot this morning to get a bit for the cordless drill - those old trailers use a square head bit for screws. Strange stuff and I don't think they use those anymore. I also am going to buy more PVC cement and attempt to get at least one row of the drip system actually working. It's actually ready to go as far as the emitters and line in the ground, I just have to finish the header. In fact, 2 full rows of plants worth of line has been installed - I have been putting that off. Summer is approaching - not quite here yet - but I don't want to have to stand out there for hours this coming summer watering plants. Right now I guess my motivation has waned because I have a lot of other stuff going on and I hardly have to spend any time watering plants at all. After the recent, drenching rains, the ground that is in mostly shade all day long is STILL moist - that rain was last week.

I just got through watching a news clip online of a local sheriff who was standing there, on TV, telling people to stand up against the speed cameras on the freeways in a protest they are having later on today. I will not be going - it's way north Phoenix and though I hate those cameras, not enough to drive THAT far. His advice if you receive one of those tickets? Tear it up and drop it into the trash can. Really, that IS what he said!! And LOTS of people are doing just that. They give the stastics every month, I think last month was in the low 20% range of people that had actually paid the ticket, everyone else? Blowing it off.

..........and then there's the anti-whaling ship that apparently just got into a collision with one of the Japanese whaling ships. Where, exactly, is this going to end? Envisioning scenes of sinking ships..........

Well, whatever. I have things to do and the day isn't growing any younger - later!

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