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New Orleans Saints Win The Super Bowl!!

That was a GREAT game!!!
Freakin' Colts dominated the first half, but the Saints came back in the second half, ran over the top of the colts and dominated for a second-half win to take the game. Ohhh yeah, I'm always for a good game of football even if my favorite team isn't in the picture.

I'm not saying Manning is a sucky QB, but I am saying that the Saints won the game, there are going to be NO accusations of "they stole the game" BS such as what happened with the Steelers last year, and anyone that thinks that can go blink off.

Hats off to the Saints!

Couple of things

First off, the room is rented. That was pretty fast. This is not a long-term renter, but I don't really care, get the room rented out as fast as possible. I've got a $200 for the rest of the month. It's not a full month's worth in terms of what I would normally get, but - I try to give incentives to get people to move in here.

I have decided to re-arrange my living room so that the TV's are not against that bedroom wall where he will be staying. I went in there just now to hear what kind of noise levels are to be heard with the tv on loud - which it is daytime hours but I mandate night hours it be turned WAY down - I think the best answer is to simply move them away from the wall there and deal with it that way.

Second, I was pleasantly surprised to find a message in my Facebook box from an old, old friend - a person I have not seen in 25 years. We parted ways after "growing up" - he went to the military, I ended up on the mission field. Two comp…