Monday, February 8, 2010


What a hellish day at work. I didn't sleep well last night plus my nose started running sometime yesterday - the 7-1/2 hours at work today did not go by "fast" by an stretch of the imagination. I just got done with an hour and a half nap - I forced myself to get back up or my sleep will REALLY be messed with tonight. I had plenty I wanted to get done today after work - put it all on hold for today, anyway.

New tenant has accelerated his move-in plans - he was going to move in Thursday, instead he just called and said he would be showing up around 9 or 10 tonight. I'm shrugging my shoulders - he paid the rent for the rest of the month, he can come and go as he pleases. I totally forgot to get him to sing a rental contract, though, need to get that done. This guy is a temporary tenant by his own statement. Didn't really care, just get the room filled, that is always my main objective. He didn't really know when he would be moving out - he is having marital problems and it was suggested by whoever is counselling them that they split apart for a while - undetermined amount of time - a month, 6 months, who knows.

Commendable that they are at least trying counselling before - splitting up. I tried that route for several years with my ex, but the fact of the matter is that both sides have to be willing to meet in the middle, if not, you can set up camp at the counsellor's office and live there and it isn't going to change anything.

Guy didn't show up to work on the trailer today - but I really have no set schedule from him for when he's going to show and when not. He still has the business of going out and doing odd-jobs wherever he can so he can continue to stay at the cheap hotel he's at until the trailer is ready for move-in. At the rate the trailer is going, it's going to be a while. Regardless, I am not paying for his hotel stay or even contributing towards it - my part in this was getting the trailer and spending as little money as possible in renovating it. I have located materials for it, I just need to get them here. Right now there is plenty to do in just removing rotted wood and replacing it. That's mostly work, not money as materials are either very cheap or - in this case - have found good, used materials for free.

I don't know - I feel like I'm sick again but with something else. I don't know what this constant, runny nose business is buy my head is not feeling right and this - sucks really. Oh well, that's life and complaining about junk like that doesn't really do any good excepting for the venting release.

Lastly - another political rant. Obama, of course. Now, suddenly, he wants to bring the republicans to the negotiating table in regards to "his" health care plan. Gee, isn't that wonderful, he totally snubbed them during this ENTIRE process, even after he was called to the table by CNN, who said he broke a campaign promise that the doors would be open and he would invite CNN in to video the entire proceedings.

Personally, if I were one of the dissed Republicans - which are all of them - I would tell him to go jump in a lake. Let the freakin' thing die and let them start something that is TRULY bi-partisan - but AFTER this small issue of millions of unemployed Americans is dealt with, shouldn't that really be the priority right now? This guy's priorities are definitely on a different planet as far as I'm concerned. This just isn't the time to start talking a trillion - or trillions is probably the end of the story - dollars being spent on a health care overhaul when the entire system is broken - the financial system that is.

Rant over. Just that I gagged when I saw the news report of Obama calling the "other side" to the table after all of this time totally - and I do mean TOTALLY - DISSING them and dissing them badly.

I'm done - for now anyway. I haven't really had much time to look at the news today and I want to see what's going on in this world right now.


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