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What a hellish day at work. I didn't sleep well last night plus my nose started running sometime yesterday - the 7-1/2 hours at work today did not go by "fast" by an stretch of the imagination. I just got done with an hour and a half nap - I forced myself to get back up or my sleep will REALLY be messed with tonight. I had plenty I wanted to get done today after work - put it all on hold for today, anyway.

New tenant has accelerated his move-in plans - he was going to move in Thursday, instead he just called and said he would be showing up around 9 or 10 tonight. I'm shrugging my shoulders - he paid the rent for the rest of the month, he can come and go as he pleases. I totally forgot to get him to sing a rental contract, though, need to get that done. This guy is a temporary tenant by his own statement. Didn't really care, just get the room filled, that is always my main objective. He didn't really know when he would be moving out - he is having mar…