Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sleep issues.
I will be going to the doc's later on this month for the physical that I missed a few months ago, will definitely be discussing with him sleep issues and please check and make sure there aren't any problems that I don't know about that might be causing it.
I can say that I slept better last night than the night before, I can also say that I am sick again - with something different than I had just 2 weeks ago. This is a head cold type of thing. Yesterday I took an hour and a half "nap" after work just to get me to feeling better.

There is only one delivery in the truck routing system - things are slowing down for whatever reason. I have been very busy doing deliveries; pulling orders; doing transfers for at least a couple of months running, now all of the sudden that business is coming to a screeching halt. There is, however, plenty to do around the yard and shop as some things have been neglected - mostly cleaning issues - because of the business factor.

New tenant moved in last night after I went to bed. I only know this because his rather nice pickup truck is parked out front. All 3 tenants at this point have vehicles - meaning parking on the street. I would feel a little "bad" about it, but since everyone else around my house seems to have 3 plus vehicles, I won't lose sleep over THAT, maybe other things, but not that. I will be asking the new tenant if there were any unacceptable noise levels coming from the living room. I always ask a new tenant moving into that particular room about any noise because, of course, it's right next to the living room. I can "fix" issues like that pretty easily: tell whatever kid/s that are out here to shut the bleep up and turn the TV down. I have gone so far in the past as to simply remove the card out of the satellite receiver - which renders the thing useless and nowadays, you can't even receive local channels without a box for converting digital signals.

I still could kick myself for not having some insulation put into the wall between the living room and that bedroom. I had thought about it at the time of having that house constructed but - I forgot and it was too late when I realized the memory lapse. I knew I would be needing at least one tenant, maybe more - I have found, however, wall treatments that might work as well. You simply put the treatment next to wherever offending noises are originating - a TV for example - and it allegedly bounces the noise back towards the offender instead of through the wall.

Anyway, work day approaches and I'm outta here.

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