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Sleep issues.
I will be going to the doc's later on this month for the physical that I missed a few months ago, will definitely be discussing with him sleep issues and please check and make sure there aren't any problems that I don't know about that might be causing it.
I can say that I slept better last night than the night before, I can also say that I am sick again - with something different than I had just 2 weeks ago. This is a head cold type of thing. Yesterday I took an hour and a half "nap" after work just to get me to feeling better.

There is only one delivery in the truck routing system - things are slowing down for whatever reason. I have been very busy doing deliveries; pulling orders; doing transfers for at least a couple of months running, now all of the sudden that business is coming to a screeching halt. There is, however, plenty to do around the yard and shop as some things have been neglected - mostly cleaning issues - because of the …