Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Am I Doing The Right Thing?

Sometimes - maybe every time - I try to help someone, I am always asking myself - and God - whether I am doing the right thing in the particular case I am involved with. Does God ordain this? Is there something I am not seeing. Really, is this a mistake that I am going to pay for?

God is good and He is faithful. He answers you - in ways you may not even understand that it is Him that is responding to you. In this case, it was clearly evident to me that this is the right thing - for now, anyway, nothing on this earth, really, is ever permanent, it is all temporal.

So, in the case of these 2 individuals that are staying in the trailer, I found myself asking the question: Should I have let them come in here? Is this the right thing to do in this particular situation? Is this what God wants?

I received a letter from the organization that I gave money to to help people in Haiti. BTW, in a disaster situation such as theirs, unless authorities specifically say different, money is ALWAYS the best thing to give. You can give food and clothing and all that - if it is requested. There are many situations where material goods are not going to do any good - because those goods may take a long time to get there or may NEVER get there. Money is always good because organizations can, if nothing else - purchase goods from the nearest source to get material items necessary to any given location much faster. I have known this for a long, long time, but the situation in Haiti is evidence of such, at least to some degree.

The letter I received had a little piece of paper with the following scripture written on it:
Isaiah 58:7
They titled it: You Are Not Forgotten!
"Divide your bread with the hungry,
bring the homeless into the house,
when you see the naked cover him,
and do not divert your eyes from your own flesh."

A different version plus the scripture after it reads:
7"Is it not to (A)divide your bread with the hungry
And (B)bring the homeless poor into the house;
When you see the (C)naked, to cover him;
And not to (D)hide yourself from your own flesh?
8"Then your (E)light will break out like the dawn,
And your (F)recovery will speedily spring forth;
And your (G)righteousness will go before you;
The glory of the (H)LORD will be your rear guard.
9"Then you will (I)call, and the LORD will answer;
You will cry, and He will say, 'Here I am '
If you (J)remove the yoke from your midst,
The (K)pointing of the finger and (L)speaking wickedness,
10And if you (M)give yourself to the hungry
And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
Then your (N)light will rise in darkness
And your gloom will become like midday.
11"And the (O)LORD will continually guide you,
And (P)satisfy your desire in scorched places,
And (Q)give strength to your bones;
And you will be like a (R)watered garden,
And like a (S)spring of water whose waters do not fail.
12"Those from among you will (T)rebuild the ancient ruins;
You will (U)raise up the age-old foundations;
And you will be called the repairer of the (V)breach,
The restorer of the streets in which to dwell.

If you want reasons to feed the hungry and in this case, help the homeless, just go to the Word. You will find it over and over and over throughout Scripture. I have given to hungry when I was totally broke - just because of the redundancy of the theme in the Word: God wants those of us that can help the hungry - TO help the hungry. You can choose to believe whatever you wish. I am not your Judge, would never pretend to be. I only speak for myself. I have my own faults and failings, I have my own junk to answer for, I need not look at someone else's dirty laundry.

It never ceases to amaze me how I am always confirmed on such things. That text of scripture was in an envelope asking for more help for Haiti, not for a couple living in a travel trailer in my side yard, yet it spoke volumes to me, simply because it said what it said and came at the EXACT time I was looking for an answer. Contrary to what my ex-wife and many of her friends believe, I am not the godless, soul-less, lost infidel that has been proclaimed many times over. The enemy of my soul is to blame for those accusations - he is the accuser of the brethren as the Scripture states. No, I have the Lord in my thoughts every day - literally every day. I am sometimes feeling very bad about my own state of being, other times rejoicing for the good fortunes of others - always thanking Him for another day of living and breathing air on His creation - the earth and all that that entails.

I need not explain myself to others, I don't feel that at all. In fact, I have no problems telling people that I have otherwise homeless people living on my property. I get some interesting looks and responses. No, this is my blog and this is where I vent, release, speak out and describe my daily life. People will judge me behind my back about doing such - they don't deserve it, why help them - they can help themselves; tell them to go get jobs.

Walk a mile in another man's shoes, that's what I think, that's what I say, or something like it or - something much more blunt. I was speaking my mind as a teen. On the mission field it became more entrenched. Now? Lol.




So, it's supposed to rain again - today or tomorrow don't remember when. This state has been under a drought for years - and years now - the question was posed on the news as to whether we are out of the drought yet. It has been raining up north for some time now - that is where our lakes and underground reservoirs are that mostly feed the Phoenix area. No, was the answer, but we're almost there. Well I ain't no meteorologist and I am no scientist of any kind, but I'd say if the reservoirs are filled and the lakes are all filled up - that's a pretty good sign that we're well on our way out of it. Some of the lakes had fallen to record low levels to the point they appeared to be drying up altogether.

I have hardly been watering my plants in the last few months - between winter and not needing as much watering and Mother Nature doing a lot of the watering for me - well, my water bill is way down. I'm bracing myself for the summer to come and am starting to dump money onto the power card reader as often as I can to try and get ahead - want to have $400 on there by June and have a jump on the high electric usage coming my way. Oh, and of course the water usage goes WAY up in the summer.

So, these new people moved in - let the dogs out, I got mad, very mad considering they were told in advance about that s*** and not leaving the gate open, but it's hopefully good now. They ARE very clean people. I will give them that much, they are what they said they were in that arena. The woman has thoroughly scrubbed that trailer inside and even though the thing is far from finished, at least it's clean in there.

Today, that kind of cleaning starts in my house. I just did that kind of cleaning middle of last week - this is part of the trade-off - they pay for their use of utilities plus cleaning projects. The guy, of course, is working on the trailer trying to get the thing done. It'll be a while, is all I can say. There is alot of work to do to make it leak-free, rotten-wood free and electrical system good. I am seeing people that are very happy to be off of the streets and could care less if the thing is done or not. I ran them an electrical line, gave them a small lamp, an inflatable bed. They already had their own microwave in there and I'm going to let them use the refrigerator I have in my room - I haven't needed to use it since Ken was found unconscious in his bedroom - the mooching/theiving of my drinks is long since gone. That will take care of most of their needs. The big issue after the trailer is done is whether to dig a trench and run a sewer line or not. I say yes - he says who's going to dig the trench? Okay, 110 plus feet of trench is a lot - but - I could either rent a Ditch-Witch and have it done in short manner or hire a couple of people off of the street corners to do it by hand. Neither here nor there, no priority at this point is being given to it simply because there is so much other stuff to get done first and because they have access to the bathroom in-house.

I'm still laughing at Obama and his statement that he'll "meet GOP halfway" on healthcare. WHERE were such statements not even a month ago, when he and all the Dems were sitting there, smugly and defiantely meeting behind closed doors "knowing" they would get mostly whatever they wanted in that bill? I saw nothing but pure arrogance and grandstanding - I hope the bill totally dies and they start something new - something that doesn't have enough dollar bills attached to it that you could build a path to Pluto with the ensuing waste.

The head cold goes on. The continual runny nose - goes down my throat and into my lungs at night, mornings are hell. Hard to breath, takes half the morning before I feel "good" again. I have a lot of driving to do today, I hope I am feeling up to the "challenge". Mostly highway driving, though, not so bad as all city type of driving.

As for this entry, it's history cause' I'm running out of time before time to sign in to work.

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