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Am I Doing The Right Thing?

Sometimes - maybe every time - I try to help someone, I am always asking myself - and God - whether I am doing the right thing in the particular case I am involved with. Does God ordain this? Is there something I am not seeing. Really, is this a mistake that I am going to pay for?

God is good and He is faithful. He answers you - in ways you may not even understand that it is Him that is responding to you. In this case, it was clearly evident to me that this is the right thing - for now, anyway, nothing on this earth, really, is ever permanent, it is all temporal.

So, in the case of these 2 individuals that are staying in the trailer, I found myself asking the question: Should I have let them come in here? Is this the right thing to do in this particular situation? Is this what God wants?

I received a letter from the organization that I gave money to to help people in Haiti. BTW, in a disaster situation such as theirs, unless authorities specifically say different, money is ALWAY…


So, it's supposed to rain again - today or tomorrow don't remember when. This state has been under a drought for years - and years now - the question was posed on the news as to whether we are out of the drought yet. It has been raining up north for some time now - that is where our lakes and underground reservoirs are that mostly feed the Phoenix area. No, was the answer, but we're almost there. Well I ain't no meteorologist and I am no scientist of any kind, but I'd say if the reservoirs are filled and the lakes are all filled up - that's a pretty good sign that we're well on our way out of it. Some of the lakes had fallen to record low levels to the point they appeared to be drying up altogether.

I have hardly been watering my plants in the last few months - between winter and not needing as much watering and Mother Nature doing a lot of the watering for me - well, my water bill is way down. I'm bracing myself for the summer to come and am start…