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Cafe World - 8: Neighbors

So, you're asking, what's the big hype about neighbors?

Well first off, I would like to dispel one "myth". The "experts" say you must have neighbors so you can visit them every day to get free Cafe World gold coins and points. True that - you can. You get 5 Cafe Points and 20 gold coins for each neighbor you visit.

I don't know about your computer, but mine takes half of forever to actually open up Cafe World: I simply do NOT have the time to visit hundreds of neighbors for some gold coins and points.

What are the pro's of having neighbors?
Depends on you, really.
I have neighbors that have been become internet friends on Facebook. We have discussions several times a week about things that aren't even related to Cafe World. That's pretty cool, really, some really great people, too.

If you want to level up, you can't do it without neighbors unless you want to pay CASH - real money - to do so. I refuse to spend money on a game like…

Cafe World Tips - 7: Which Dishes To Prepare?

I have read all over the internet about which dishes you should prepare ot gain the most coins in the shortest period of time with what dishes.

They almost ALL use the burger dish as their prime example. Well, that's all fine and dandy, it takes 5 minutes to COOK - you can make all kinds of coins and eventually earn a lot of Cafe Points if you want to go that route.

However, be prepared to spend your days doing nothing but cooking hamburgers. What these people forget to tell you is the prep time to also include in making them - when you have 16 ovens that is going to double the total cooking time. It's a bit ridiculous to think you are going to sit around 10 hours a day or whatever cooking food constantly - meaning clicking your mouse over and over and over until you are - sick of it. I actually did that at the begining when I first started but got tired of that quickly.

Now? I use dishes that work for my schedule. I don't want to sit here endlessly playing the game. I…

Cafe World Tips 6 - How To Acquire Cafe Points

This isn't going to be a long entry, and neither is it going to be extremely revelatory.
That's because I don't do "cheats" - where you hack into the game and do something that Zynga will eventually find and patch - and possibly BAN YOU FOR LIFE from the game.
No, I figure out how to do the things I want to get done "legally".

So, you are playing this game against your friends, they are WAY ahead of you in Cafe Points and levels. How to catch up?

Here's my answer.
First, it's going to cost you gold coins - a lot of them. If you don't have many gold coins saved up, come back to this in the future after you have at least 500,000 of them.

Second, it's going to take some time. This isn't a 2 minute power-grab, depending on how many points you want to gain, it could take half an hour or a couple of days.

It's very simple, really. Buy some food to cook, prepare it and then delete it. Find the highest preparing points dish you current…

The Stunning Blow

Iran's apparent stunning blow to the west was the announcement of the "fact" that they are now a "Nuclear State". I didn't find this stunning at all - apalling, maybe, if such is true, but hardly stunned. They claim they "don't need to enrich the fuel to 90%", claiming their intent is solely for power generation.

BS. If anyone thinks that Iran does not have a bloodlust hunger to manufacture and be able to use nuclear weapons, please simply look at both their past and the threats coming from no less than the land's own president. I need not go into all of that - if you don't know, then so some research and come back to the table with a valid argument.

They want to destroy Israel and the U.S. I have no idea how many times that rhetoric has been repeated, over and over, from the mouth of that president and others within the regime. I firmly believe Israel is in talks amongst themselves as to what their next move is. I would be thin…


Splinter in my finger nail? Still there. As much as I tried yesterday to dig that thing out of there, it wasn't budging. I have no desire to spend $50 to have a doc remove the thing, I'm going to leave it and see if it will eventually start to move out on it's own. Well, unless the pain gets too much, then I'll pay to have the thing removed. Cheaper to take a hammer and smash the fingernail so it comes off and the splinter comes out with it - but that probably wouldn't feel to good.

Newest residents - of the trailer that is - were gone all day yesterday, but resurfaced at night, came in and handed me $25. That's what I want from them - for now - to pay for their use of electricity and water: $25 per week. They were talking about getting a space heater - all well and fine, but that price per week will go up with it. It will also go up if they are here when it starts getting warm and they turn on the AC. Whatever the amount goes up every day for power us…