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Friday.......... last. This work day will not be over fast enough - I have no plans of doing anything this weekend but resting and trying to get better. Or course, knowing me, those plans will be dashed in a crux of things going on around the house - but I WILL find time to rest.

There is little to do in the truck routing system - so I'm basically hoping to get some things done in terms of pickups and then get off early again to go home and sleep, such as I did yesterday.

My newest tenant said he got sick last month, got better and then got sick again, much as what has happened to me. His visit to the doctor confirmed that at first, he WAS sick but what he had after that were extreme allergies. I'll tell you what, if what I have now are allergies, it's the worst I have ever experienced in my entire life and it certainly doesn't FEEL anything like "mere" allergies. It would basically mean I would have to start taking allergy medication, a thing I do not want t…