Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Part 2

I am absolutely loving all these flags showing up on my Feedjit counter from ALL over the world! When I go to the live Feedjit page, I simply put the cursor on each flag to see what nation it is. I'm amazed at how many flags on this earth look very similar - while the U.S. definitely stands apart in it's appearance. Most of these people are looking for help with their Cafe World cafe - I have 8 entries devoted to that so far - but others are also going to some odd entries if I do say so myself in looking at the search parameters they put into the Google field.

My manager is the same sick I was last week. Gag. He sounds bad. But, he was trudging through the day regardless. I was driving all over creation today, I felt good enough and made it pretty well without getting too fatigued from the sickness that is leaving my body - thank GOD Almighty!

The people in the trailer are pretty much keeping to themselves - as I had asked them to. In other words, please do not expect to be hanging out in my living room - I have enough people in my house already. They are honoring that. Well, I really demanded that from the beginning - they moved in long before I was prepared for them to, I was going to run a Direct TV line out there to the trailer - provided they pay the extra monthly charge for such and pay for the receiver that I would have to get - and have their entertainment THERE, not in HERE. I'm not trying to be cruel, but those were my conditions set out from the git-go.

I have no idea whether they are liking it here or not, the man doesn't give such information out and the woman has been SO sick, I can hear her coughing and hacking in my house. I took a humidifier out there a couple of days ago. The man said it made him cough even more than before. Yes, will the humidity will get into your lungs and loosen all the junk up and yes, it will come out, that's a good thing. I also took my small refrigerator out there - the more they are confined to out there and not in here, the better. They only use the bathroom in here at this point, though I have offered them availibility for cooking. They have a microwave they brought and apparently are living off of frozen foods and sandwiches. Well, whatever, that is their business and none of mine. I've let them use the grill a few times as well, but I want to keep that "sparingly" as well - that thing uses up propane pretty fast if you are cooking every day on there.

I have absolutely no desire, whatsoever, to go out there and work on that trailer today, so I am not going to. Instead, I am going to spend and hour or 2 on the rock project. I LOVE working on my yard - and the weather has warmed up nicely so it's absolutely beautiful outside right now. Note that I said warmed up, not heated up so that you'd think you were in an oven. That's coming, yes it is - but it's still 2-1/2 - give or take - months away. I am dumping money onto the card reader - the power card reader - here and there to try and get at least $400 on there before the real heat hits. I'm still at windows only for cooling in here - it's perfectly nice.

I have had several replies to my tenancy opening, but they are all from women. I love women, don't get me wrong, but I have experience now: please go find a place with all women or go get your own place, cause' I've had almost nothing but trouble with them in here. Not saying I won't ever have a woman tenant in here again, but I have time on my side right now and I am continuing to run my ad - a new one everyday - until I get the "right" person in here. When push comes to shove - gender becomes meaningless.

That's my world. I am going to see about getting the pair of roller blades tomorrow after work and see about upping the ante on this diet. It's a stalemate right now - a good dose of daily exercise - rigorous exercise, should deal a blow to the stubborn weight loss department. Almost every diet on the planet includes the caveat that you exercise daily. I will take one dog on each trip out - different dog each time of course to make it fair. Get them exercised and me at the same time.

As for this entry, it's hitting the history shelves cause' - I'm outta here.



I was a bit surprised to come into work, get into the system and see alot of work for today. 4 deliveries - 2 of them in Casa Grande and some pickups. Nice, a good way to start out the week: busy and get the day over with quickly.

The world started with a bang this morning - 2 commuter trains in Brussels in a head-on collision; Clinton stating that the Revolutionary Guard is basically THE government in Iran (that IS a scary thought if true); The offensive they started in Afghanistan; and then, the comics: Biden mouthing off again. That guy is hilarious - every time he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot into it.

I do feel for the dead and wounded and families thereof of the train collision; I'm always worried for our troops in such potentially deadly situations in any war - I hate to see any of our boys and gals getting killed over there. Pray for them, folks, they need that kind of covering.

I am actually feeling pretty good this morning - the sniffles are gone, the headaches are low-keyed at this point and I am not coughing near as much as I was. Good sign, maybe I'll be 100% by the end of the week. Then I can get back to the business of working on that trailer and other projects around the house.

As for yesterday, I ended up pulling a lot of weeds out of the ground. The rains caused a mini forest of them to start growing everywhere. I know it sounds weird, but I always water the weeds and come back to them a half hour or more later - it loosens up the soil around the roots and I can pull the entire weed out - roots and all, instead of just the top of it coming out and having to deal with it again in a week or two.

My before-work time is almost up, gotta get offa here and get into working mode.

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...