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Monday Part 2

I am absolutely loving all these flags showing up on my Feedjit counter from ALL over the world! When I go to the live Feedjit page, I simply put the cursor on each flag to see what nation it is. I'm amazed at how many flags on this earth look very similar - while the U.S. definitely stands apart in it's appearance. Most of these people are looking for help with their Cafe World cafe - I have 8 entries devoted to that so far - but others are also going to some odd entries if I do say so myself in looking at the search parameters they put into the Google field.

My manager is the same sick I was last week. Gag. He sounds bad. But, he was trudging through the day regardless. I was driving all over creation today, I felt good enough and made it pretty well without getting too fatigued from the sickness that is leaving my body - thank GOD Almighty!

The people in the trailer are pretty much keeping to themselves - as I had asked them to. In other words, please do not expec…


I was a bit surprised to come into work, get into the system and see alot of work for today. 4 deliveries - 2 of them in Casa Grande and some pickups. Nice, a good way to start out the week: busy and get the day over with quickly.

The world started with a bang this morning - 2 commuter trains in Brussels in a head-on collision; Clinton stating that the Revolutionary Guard is basically THE government in Iran (that IS a scary thought if true); The offensive they started in Afghanistan; and then, the comics: Biden mouthing off again. That guy is hilarious - every time he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot into it.

I do feel for the dead and wounded and families thereof of the train collision; I'm always worried for our troops in such potentially deadly situations in any war - I hate to see any of our boys and gals getting killed over there. Pray for them, folks, they need that kind of covering.

I am actually feeling pretty good this morning - the sniffles are gone, the headac…