Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In talking with my mother on the phone yesterday, it came about full swing from listening to the sound of her voice just how - aged - she is getting. It kinda gets scary as one realizes their parents are not going to live forever and that one's parents are having some difficulties in the physical department. Dad will be 79 this year and his health has been steadily on the down side - he's not bedridden or anything, but he has had his share of problems. Mother - is just slowing down. She is also still getting around, quite well really. I always think of my brothers and their refusal to even talk with my dad. It's been years now - at least 5 years I think - since they have even spoken on the phone, much less seen each other.

It was also evident in my trip with my son for Christmas to dad's house this his wife's children - grown men - were holding it against them, and me, for such. It's funny how very easy it is to make judgments against people without having all the facts. Sometimes, without having any facts at all, just listening to rumors and gossip, drawing conclusions in pure and total ignorance, really. I wish not to spend another Christmas with those people, my dad - his wife - sure his wife's kids - not. I could tell one of them was biting his tongue, wanting to unleash fury. I assumed for the sake of our parents he said nothing.

Good and well, too, because I would have given it right back. I can be that way at times, a faulting of mine, lifelong faulting I should add.

Changing the subject, I banned Michael from the computer - indefinitely. Possibly permanently. First, he wanted to install Limewire, a music download service that is free for the basic service. It is also quite dangerous - the music can and often times does have viruses attached to it -- if your filtering system doesn't catch it, next thing you know you have a Trojan Horse in your harddrive - if you're like me - good luck getting it out. I always end up reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows. I told him no, you can't, the end.

I checked the history the next day and sure enough, he had either installed the software and then uninstalled it or at the very least had attempted to do such. Either way, he disrespected me and that was enough.

Another thing he was doing was searching for certain material on the internet - I will not be going into it, needless to say it was enough to make me quite angry, actually.

Ummm, wow - work day is almost here and I was just getting into getting this entry hammered out.
Well, I have plenty of work to get done, so, I'm outta here.

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