Wednesday, February 17, 2010


All of these flags showing up from everywhere are getting confusing. Not that I mind, but I was trying to be able to identify some of them - it's pretty much messed up. There is one flag that has the stripes just like the U.S. flag, but the square in the upper left hand corner has a moon and half moon, or so it appears, kinda strange lookin'. I love these 2 tone flags - half of it is one color the other is another. None of those people are here for my daily blogging, they're here almost entirely for the Cafe World tips. I figured it would have that effect - Google does a crawl, it goes onto their site, people look for tips - walaah. There I am. On one search, I was on the first page when I was looking. Pretty good considering the internet is filled with Cafe World tips junk all over the place.

I just thought it would be cool to have people from all over the world coming here looking for info - all over the U.S. too - and it happened.

After work today. I'm trying to get something done on the trailer every day. One thing - just one thing. It's all tedious stuff, so one thing is enough. Today - took me an hour and a half to measure all the measurement to cut the paneling for a wall that has a window on it. 10 measurements in all. Then the cuts. Several cuts that I was taking my time on - no need to rush, get it right. Then I had to mark the place where I wanted to cut out a hole for a light switch. On and on. Endless, seemingly. I got it in there, got the switch with it's box in there and the lines hooked back up.

Yet, that isn't near the hardest cut in terms of getting measurments. I have 2 corner cuts now that I will have to make cutouts out of newspaper with. As I said, tedious and slow work. But definitely worth it. So, tomorrow, I get a newspaper to use for the cutout and try to get one corner done. Done as in make and tape the cutout, put it over the paneling, draw the cutout onto the paneling, saw it and try to fit it into place.

I am finding just taking my time and not being in a rush the most useful tool of all.

I don't even remember if I said it yesterday or this morning or not on here, forgive the duplicity if so - but I am totally elated that one full line of plants with the drip system is up and functional. I was even further elated that the guy in the trailer dug a trench and installed the line for the plants next to the house. I had skipped those - figured I would get to it later, just get something done. I "paid him back" by getting more done on the trailer. He has also been working on the trailer in the front portion. It's getting done, but it will be a while before I would ever say it's livable. It's livable for them, okay, but for me? I would have to be in their situation: either homeless or that trailer. Oh, yes, btw, I HAVE lived in a trailer, one about the size of that thing.

Changing the subject. I called Direct TV to confirm whether my 2 year contract was over. Back and forth, no, yes, no. Yes, but no. Mary stole the Direct TV receiver out of her room when she moved out last year. I called Direct TV - they sent me a new on at only the cost of shipping. They did not disclose - in a rather lengthy phone call with them to get this done, that the by the act of them giving me a free reciever, it extends the life of my contract by one full year.

I can buy receivers all day long, cheap, off of Craigslist and already have done so once, it works great, I got it at a fraction of new price. If I had known they were going to pull this BS, I would have told them no thanks. Reason - I can get all new equipment from Dish Network for free, with free installation by starting up with them again. Dish Network has as bad customer service as Direct TV - they are both in the bottom of the barrel, floating in the s***, they don't WANT to rise up to the top. They simply don't care.

As a satellite customer for 10 years now, I can say that with confidence. They couldn't give a damn less about their customers, period. They may say publicly that they do, but if you have an issue, good luck. If you are willing to make phone call after call after call after call - sometimes for days - to get what you want done that you believe is fair and reasonable, great. If not, you are totally screwed.

I have done the former on dozens of occasions. I have gained great results - but I had to literally spend hours - times hours - on the phone to get it. I have always been motivated that way, I HATE poor customer service and am relentless with companies until I get some kind of result. Direct TV? I am just waiting for a "second wind". I don't have the energy right now to get into all of that, I have too much other stuff. One's physical and internal resources are going to be strongly taxed in engaging in such. You will be in a battle, you will have to look it as such and you will have to resolve to win it.

Whatever. I have no high opinion of any of these companies, including the local cable company of which I have had 7 years of dealings - they all suck. I like the programming on DirectTV, but I am NOT a loyal customer of ANY of these companies.
I do believe there is definitely a niche for a start-up company that would be interested in giving SERVICE - IN AMERICA, no INDIA or the PHILIPPINES or wherever else.

I frequently get sidetracked in writing these entries - lots of people, lots of issues.

I'm done.


I slept like a baby last night. For me, that's akin to miraculous proportions. I could only dream of sleeping like that every night. I went to be very early last night, I didn't sleep well the night before and hoped, if nothing else, I could get some good solid hours of sleep in before I - wake up in the middle of the night. I did wake up - but went right back to sleep.

I know that sounds normal for most people - sleep through the night, it isn't for me.

Well, I was reading a study on the U.S. 60 and it has consumed most of my morning time before work.
There is a very small community called Top Of The World ( who wants ADOT to reroute the entire highway around their little town. ADOT is considering expanding the highway to accodomate for increased traffic coming from the Valley (Phoenix area) heading up north for play/camping/wilderness outings and such.
The amount of taxpayer waste in order to reroute that highway through some other route through those mountains and canyons would be so extreme, that I took the time to fill out a public comment on ADOT's home page about it and give my opinion of it. That little town wouldn't even exist if the 60 hadn't been built through that area. I have driven through it hundreds of times, if there's a thousand people living there, I would be surprised. To reroute an entire highway for that small amount of people is absurd. The highway is already running through there.

Frankly, if I were living there, I would be of the entrepreunerial mind - open up a restaurant or a gift shop or a combination of both. There isn't even a convenience store there it's THAT small. A trading post is the extent of the business endeavors there.

Anyway, I have been seeing these signs every time I drive through about saving their community - an expanded highway may make life a little more interesting, but it's not going to destroy the place.

As for now, work day approaches and there is plenty to do in the truck routing system for today's deliveries.


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