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All of these flags showing up from everywhere are getting confusing. Not that I mind, but I was trying to be able to identify some of them - it's pretty much messed up. There is one flag that has the stripes just like the U.S. flag, but the square in the upper left hand corner has a moon and half moon, or so it appears, kinda strange lookin'. I love these 2 tone flags - half of it is one color the other is another. None of those people are here for my daily blogging, they're here almost entirely for the Cafe World tips. I figured it would have that effect - Google does a crawl, it goes onto their site, people look for tips - walaah. There I am. On one search, I was on the first page when I was looking. Pretty good considering the internet is filled with Cafe World tips junk all over the place.

I just thought it would be cool to have people from all over the world coming here looking for info - all over the U.S. too - and it happened.

After work today. I'm try…


I slept like a baby last night. For me, that's akin to miraculous proportions. I could only dream of sleeping like that every night. I went to be very early last night, I didn't sleep well the night before and hoped, if nothing else, I could get some good solid hours of sleep in before I - wake up in the middle of the night. I did wake up - but went right back to sleep.

I know that sounds normal for most people - sleep through the night, it isn't for me.

Well, I was reading a study on the U.S. 60 and it has consumed most of my morning time before work.
There is a very small community called Top Of The World ( who wants ADOT to reroute the entire highway around their little town. ADOT is considering expanding the highway to accodomate for increased traffic coming from the Valley (Phoenix area) heading up north for play/camping/wilderness outings and such.
The amount of taxpayer waste in order to reroute that highway through some other route t…