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Thursday already?!!
Hey, I even slept pretty good last night, too!
That's 2 freakin' nights in a row!

Just out of morbid curiosity, what is it with doctors using their exam rooms to put people under and ---- have sex with them? I really don't understand a lot of stuff that goes on in this world. Are these people unable to find their own - awake - boy or girlfriend and have their with them = legally?

Guy from Top of the World writes me back and says that he doesn't understand why I am opposed to moving the 60 to another location and that the next time I drive through there, look at all the dead animals laying on the side of the road. There are no more dead animals along that very short stretch of road than there is anywhere else. It's a ludicrous argument: let's spend millions and millions of dollars to completely move a highway around a town of 400 people because - they don't want the highway there anymore. I wrote him back and asked if the p…