Saturday, February 20, 2010


2 projects that I will continue working on this weekend. The drip watering system and the trailer. I'm actually far more interested in getting the drip system closer to finished than working on the trailer. The guy has been working on that thing pretty much daily and is getting quite a lot done with it. He will not, however, even touch that paneling - which I don't want him to anyway since he doesn't seem confident in being able to make good cuts.

Onto another subject, that concerning fin. KCL's owners state that he made some pretty hurtful comments on another person's blog on KCL - I saw one of the comments but I did not see the one/s they were talking about, apparently they removed both the comments AND blocked fin from KCL. They also called him a coward because his comments were made anonymously. I'm of the type to reserve judgement and hear it from the person's mouth as to why the comments were made and what the intent was. Dear fin, if you read this, do you care to illucidate?

I have someone coming over at 11:00 am to takealookit the house. The end of the month is getting closer and closer, I would like to "snag" someone and get them in here, paying money, as soon as possible. In other words, get that room occupied the day after it is vacated, or even the same day and attempt to keep the money flowing from it. I have no idea about the newest guy - he is only here a couple nights a week and I have seen him a few times at most. I don't even know if he's here right now.

Someone left an anonymous comment on this blog about how they have never had a bad encounter with Direct TV. Yes, all 2 times you called them they were nice to you? I have been dealing with that company for almost 10 years now and I can say with finality that they have some of THE - WORST - customer service ON EARTH. I ALWAYS balk at ANY company that is farming their incoming 800 call centers out to other nations. Direct TV's goes to India - another comment was made that they always speak to an American. Well I'm happy for you, keep calling, you will hear a voice on the other end of the line, eventually, that has a deep, thick accent and if you really get a bad one, you won't be able to understand a thing they are saying. I almost NEVER get an American on the phone, it's 95% of the time going to be an India Indian on the other end of the line.

They have nothing more to say to you than what is written on a computer screen sitting in front of them. If you have an issue, you will HAVE to talk to management and if it's a serious issue, you will HAVE to call over and over before you get an acceptable resolution to the problem. IF you never have an issue with their service, THEN you don't have to call them, all well and fine. I have to wonder if it was Direct TV employees that left those messages here? I remember one occasion where I spent several DAYS making phone calls to that company before getting a resolution that I felt was anything even close to being fair. They COULDN'T CARE LESS if your "experience" with them is satisfactory - they may say they care, but their actions definitely speak much louder than their words. I was going to cancel the service and start up with Dish Network again - I don't really like EITHER of the 2, available satellite companies, but - you can get new, free equipment if you simply shut off one service after the contract period is up - 2 years - and go to the other company.

They lengthened the term of my contract beyond 2 years after I called last year about the theft of the receiver in Mary's room - Mary stole it and never returne it, even after I called the police who also contacted her about it - Direct TV gave me a new receiver for free, I only had to pay the shipping costs. They did NOT disclose at that time that by doing such - getting the free receiver - they were going to extend the contract a full year from the date of receiving the receiver. So, instead of January, it is now July that I have to continue with their service.

Direct TV's stance is that they did me such a great service by giving that receiver to me for free. Yes, well Direct TV gives away all KINDS of free receivers to new customers, I appreciated what they did at the time, but I probably would not have taken the "deal" had I known about the little extended contract clause. Craigslist is FULL of receivers - all kinds of them on there. People are losing their jobs, they're also dumping the satellite. Their loss my gain - I am going to buy another one for the "trailer people" - they will have to pay me back for it - off of Craigslist. Another 5 months of DirectTV? I am not through with them yet. I intend on making a phone call campaign next week to top all campaigns. IF they are going to force you to stay with the service another full year after receiving that unit, they BETTER disclose that information at the time the deal is being made. I can guarantee you that they did NOT say any such thing to me on the phone when such was occuring - it would have sent alert flags up in my brain telling me to stop and think about whether I want this deal or not.

There are some GREAT deals on satellite and cable going right now - one deal is up to 6 full rooms from Dish Network, plus the satellite dish and installation for free. Probably a 2 year contract, great, where do I sign up? I'm not afraid of these contracts, I don't see it unfair that you get all that equipment and you have to be with them for X amount of time. But when that time is up, don't try playing some freakin' game to extend it even further. I do believe I could bring my monthly bill down by switching and yes, I do want the newer equipment, these receivers don't last forever.

Rant over.

So am I, I am going to do my Sunday cleaning today - in fact right now - in preparation for the potential tenant's arrival.

G'day, folks.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...