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2 projects that I will continue working on this weekend. The drip watering system and the trailer. I'm actually far more interested in getting the drip system closer to finished than working on the trailer. The guy has been working on that thing pretty much daily and is getting quite a lot done with it. He will not, however, even touch that paneling - which I don't want him to anyway since he doesn't seem confident in being able to make good cuts.

Onto another subject, that concerning fin. KCL's owners state that he made some pretty hurtful comments on another person's blog on KCL - I saw one of the comments but I did not see the one/s they were talking about, apparently they removed both the comments AND blocked fin from KCL. They also called him a coward because his comments were made anonymously. I'm of the type to reserve judgement and hear it from the person's mouth as to why the comments were made and what the intent was. Dear fin, if you read…