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White American (Brandy Drink Recipe)

I recently had "need", I guess I can say, for having some brandy. I am no a big fan of taking shots of liquor - call me a wimp, I just don't care for it. I had - and still have - a very long splinter stuffed down into my left-hang, ring-finger fingernail. It was very painful at the time - I wanted to deaden the pain versus going to a doc and paying money I didn't want to spend - and dig into my flesh to get it out.

I searched the net for brandy drinks and found nothing that fit the bill. Having had White Russians in the past, I decide to go ahead and make my own variant of it with Brandy.

It's a very simply recipe, really. A shot of Brandy, a large "2 fingerfuls" of brown sugar, milk and ice. Pour the brandy into a glass; take the large fingerful of brown sugar, dump it into the glass; pour milk until the Brandy is whitened - reallyteh same as a White Russian as you would whiten the coffee liquor - ice it up nicely and stir. You can add brown su…

If They're Going To Do It, So Am I!!!

I am refering to sites coming to my blog, copying entire posts and posting them on their sites. They are making money off of it, I am making nothing. I did NOT give these sites permission to steal my content and display it all over the place - but - being the internet I assume it's legal to do that. Or not? I have no idea.

My Cafe World tips are being published all over the place. I no more entered the Cafe World tip today - tip 9 - and it was published on a site only a few minutes after putting it on here. I don't really care if someone is using the info for their own, personal uses, but to be making money off of it by placing it on a pay site that has dozens of ads on there, too?

Bunk. I am monetizing my blog. I doubt a person makes much money off of it, but I will feel better that anyone coming here is "subjected" to ads rather than having entities "stealing" my content and posting it elsewhere without my knowledge. I was looking for a trick/chea…

Cafe World Spice Rack Tip 9: How To Acquire All Spice Rack Components In 5 Minutes

Too good to be true?
I clicked on the links for each piece: the shelves; jars and lids and yes, I had all of it in less than 5 minutes. When you finish the lids, you get $5 CAFE WORLD CASH, on the other items you get free gold coins.
Wanna get hold of the link?
Please send me $19.95 plus shipping and handling and I will send you the ultimate Cafe World Tips and Tricks Cheats.
OH, wait a minute, I'm not really doing that, but if you use it - please at least leave a nice little comment at the bottom of this entry, it IS a freebie, after all!

Edited: The link I had posted has been taken down. I found other links to do the same thing:

Copy and paste that into your browser, then click on each link on that page until you have all the items to complete your spice rack. The items go straight to your spice rack inventory, NOT your gifts se…