Sunday, February 21, 2010

White American (Brandy Drink Recipe)

I recently had "need", I guess I can say, for having some brandy. I am no a big fan of taking shots of liquor - call me a wimp, I just don't care for it. I had - and still have - a very long splinter stuffed down into my left-hang, ring-finger fingernail. It was very painful at the time - I wanted to deaden the pain versus going to a doc and paying money I didn't want to spend - and dig into my flesh to get it out.

I searched the net for brandy drinks and found nothing that fit the bill. Having had White Russians in the past, I decide to go ahead and make my own variant of it with Brandy.

It's a very simply recipe, really. A shot of Brandy, a large "2 fingerfuls" of brown sugar, milk and ice. Pour the brandy into a glass; take the large fingerful of brown sugar, dump it into the glass; pour milk until the Brandy is whitened - reallyteh same as a White Russian as you would whiten the coffee liquor - ice it up nicely and stir. You can add brown sugar to taste, really. I don't like sweet - sweet drinks - I rarely ever drink soda or anything that has sugar in it, I just put in enough to deaden the briskness of the alcohol and the milk helps with that to some degree as well.

Also, I would imagine a splash of pure Vanilla would go great with this - I didn't have any but I could bet it would make it taste all that much better. You might also get away with a pinch of cinnamon - this is almost like cooking, keep trying stuff until you have the perfect drink!

You saw it here - I have scoured the internet for a brandy drink with brown sugar and as far as I could see, it doesn't exist, but, of course, I could be wrong.

If They're Going To Do It, So Am I!!!

I am refering to sites coming to my blog, copying entire posts and posting them on their sites. They are making money off of it, I am making nothing. I did NOT give these sites permission to steal my content and display it all over the place - but - being the internet I assume it's legal to do that. Or not? I have no idea.

My Cafe World tips are being published all over the place. I no more entered the Cafe World tip today - tip 9 - and it was published on a site only a few minutes after putting it on here. I don't really care if someone is using the info for their own, personal uses, but to be making money off of it by placing it on a pay site that has dozens of ads on there, too?

Bunk. I am monetizing my blog. I doubt a person makes much money off of it, but I will feel better that anyone coming here is "subjected" to ads rather than having entities "stealing" my content and posting it elsewhere without my knowledge. I was looking for a trick/cheat/whatever to find out how one of my neighbors has acquired over 1,200,000 cafe points in about a week's time and found my blog and some of it's Cafe World contents posted on several "pay" sites in the search I was doing.

Onto other things - just kind of steams me a little that people are taking my content and reposting it elsewhere without even asking.

I remembered - not too long ago - that I have to get up even earlier than I normally do to be at work early. I have 2 deliveries tomorrow that necessitate I come in and get out of there as fast as possible. First delivery is in Miami, AZ, the second is in Casa Grande. These 2 places aren't exactly close to each other - one up in the mountains and the other in the desert southwest. Plus 2 pickups.

I said I could do it under a few conditions. 1: That I come in early and get out of the branch early. 2: That the orders are pulled and on the truck when I arrive Monday. I pulled one of the orders, the other came in late when I was going home, but the branch manager said he would pull the second order. 3: that I don't have to do a bunch of running around to get items to complete the orders.

3 was not necessarily adhered to, but the pickups are close to the 2cd delivery, so hopefully not a big deal. I always try to get the stuff done, is all I can say about that.

Uhhh, like 5 hours have passed since I started this post. Things started happening and I had to deal with it.

Also, my Catahoula will go outside, stand at the sliding glass door - next to where I sit and surf the net - and stare at me. Lol. She doesn't want me to sit inside the house, she wants me to go out there and do whatever I do in my property in tending to plants and watering and landscaping. I usually give into her "demands" and go outside to start engaging in whatever suits my fancy out there. Today it was digging a "tunnel" underneath the east gate to run a water line under it for the front. Drip system.

I did get that accomplished, ran the 1/2-inch line all the way around 3 walls of the front yard and then started installing 1/4 inch line with emitters for individual plants. All 3 dogs were out there at this point.

I have nothing more as I am going to bed early for an even earlier rise than normal in the am.



Cafe World Spice Rack Tip 9: How To Acquire All Spice Rack Components In 5 Minutes

Too good to be true?
I clicked on the links for each piece: the shelves; jars and lids and yes, I had all of it in less than 5 minutes. When you finish the lids, you get $5 CAFE WORLD CASH, on the other items you get free gold coins.
Wanna get hold of the link?
Please send me $19.95 plus shipping and handling and I will send you the ultimate Cafe World Tips and Tricks Cheats.
OH, wait a minute, I'm not really doing that, but if you use it - please at least leave a nice little comment at the bottom of this entry, it IS a freebie, after all!

Edited: The link I had posted has been taken down. I found other links to do the same thing:

Copy and paste that into your browser, then click on each link on that page until you have all the items to complete your spice rack. The items go straight to your spice rack inventory, NOT your gifts section, you need only click on the links on the URL posted above and that's it!
I have no idea how long this cheat is going to last. I'm not sure if this is a hack or what - I am not a compute genious and therefore, I will let one of you readers that is a computer geek/genious please come back and tell me.
..........and you're welcome!

Edited: You will also get a free spice rack - just go to your inventory, click on the windows icon and you will find the spice rack in there which you can place on your Cafe World wall somewhere.

Edit 2: The spice rack isn't actually doing anything yet, Cafe World has yet to release the spices OR how it is going to be implemented/work. There is a tab in the spice rack to click on that signs you up for "advanced" information about what is coming next, but I have yet to be able to get that tab to work.
I am presuming that spices will have to be gifted to you by neighbors to actually acquire them (also and quite probably, you will have the option to buy them with actual money). I am also assuming the reason it isn't available yet is because they haven't finished building the application yet. Still, it can't hurt to get your spice rack assembled in advance and have it ready for whenever Zynga has it operational/live on-site.

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