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Sorry about the ads, folks, but if some other site is going to "steal" the info I scour the web for or get from neighbors in Cafe World, or figure out on my own and then post it on their site with all kinds of ads, then I'm going to do the same thing - to a lessor degree. I doubt it makes much money - I'm sure it's based on the number of hits and it is probably tracked as to whether anyone actually buys something or not, I had heard that that's what happened on KCL. Google took down the ads because we were all clicking on them - but we weren't buying anything, lol.

Work day didn't start off too well. Unlocked the front door, went in and the alarm hadn't been turned on. Had an order palletized, shrink-wrapped and taped, ready to go, a salesman had come in over the weekend and had taken material off the pallet to sell to someone else. They didn't bother to leave a note saying who had done it and what they had taken - meaning I had to take the…