Monday, February 22, 2010


Sorry about the ads, folks, but if some other site is going to "steal" the info I scour the web for or get from neighbors in Cafe World, or figure out on my own and then post it on their site with all kinds of ads, then I'm going to do the same thing - to a lessor degree. I doubt it makes much money - I'm sure it's based on the number of hits and it is probably tracked as to whether anyone actually buys something or not, I had heard that that's what happened on KCL. Google took down the ads because we were all clicking on them - but we weren't buying anything, lol.

Work day didn't start off too well. Unlocked the front door, went in and the alarm hadn't been turned on. Had an order palletized, shrink-wrapped and taped, ready to go, a salesman had come in over the weekend and had taken material off the pallet to sell to someone else. They didn't bother to leave a note saying who had done it and what they had taken - meaning I had to take the pallet apart, go through my list and make sure everything was there - which it was not, of course.

Then there is the driving stupidity - all over the place. Take, for example, the guy in the pickup ahead of me on a 2-lane highway out on the Indian Reservation. We came up to 2 vehicles going about 30mph on this 55mph highway. This driver put on his turn signal and proceeded into oncoming traffic lane - with vehicles only 400 feet away coming directly at him. Wanting no part of what was going to happen, I hit my brakes heavy to get back from his vehicle while he smashes head-on into the oncoming traffic.

The oncoming cars head off to the emergency lane, he apparently realizes his life is about to be over and he gets back into our lane. He waits for traffic to pass and then goes out again. This time, there is traffic coming, but a little further out. Same thing - he's going to get into a collision. A freaking nutcase. How do these people get driver's licenses? This time, a whole slew of cars veer off onto the emergency lane and are stopping while this nitwit passes these cars.

On down the line, I watch a car decide to put on his turn signal and then move over to the lane next to him. Problem was, there was a car RIGHT there, beside him. This driver didn't even bother to look to see if the lane was occupied. The driver that was about to get hit saw what was happening and veered off into the lane next to him.

I see this happen yet AGAIN - totally different car and driver.

It's amazing MANY more people aren't killed in traffic in this area than there already are.

My trip to Miami was cancelled. It was raining this morning and I had this feeling I better call and make sure they are working. Sure enough, they had driven up there and were about to leave - pouring rain and they don't work in the rain.

Long break. I went outside and repaired the ruptured tubing on Phase II of the drip irrigation system. That phase is all but done. Only need tweaking on the amount of water dripping onto any given plant. I did not go out front and continue with Phase III but figure to do so in a few minutes. It is very windy outside and the temp has dropped considerably. It is the Arizona Sonoran Desert version of winter and I absolutely LOVE it. I have no clue why the weather forecasters think it's so great that the temps are going up - in to the 70's last week.

What, did they forget that HELL is coming in the form of wicked high temperatures in just a few, short months? Why are they so bent on ensuring the temp goes UP? They talk about rain in a negative view - There ARE times when I need to get things done that rain interferes with, but 99% of my view of rain - BRING IT ON AND KEEP THE FAUCET OPEN!~!! We're in a DROUGHT, why would they talk about rain like that? I LOVE overcast skies!! In a few months, we won't see overcast skies probably for 3 straight months, at least.

If you have an IQ of 65 or more, you too can be a weather forecaster. I could GUESS better than they forecast.

I haven't really paid too much attention to the news today - I could guess most of it anyway. Obama's health care; Iran's nukes. That about sums it up. Lol.

Yes, I am headed outside, it's really nice regardless of what any of the other "locals" think.


Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...