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This posting will include refernences to the Almighty, The Creator - GOD. If you don't like such and that particular topic offends you, I advise you to not read this entry. I take no responsibility for the intended effect that God may place upon your heart in bringing salvation to your soul as that is always HIS work, not mine.

2 subjects regarding such.

First is my "old friend" from over 26 years ago, who showed up on my Facebook account, said hi and then wanted to get together. Something nagging at me, I had already confirmed a date with him and my son to go to a shooting range. I ended up blowing that off because Caleb got into trouble and we weren't about to be doing anything in recreational terms.

Then, he sent me his phone number and I said I would call, but failed to. I remembered what the nagging was. The last time I saw him, he had come to my door - my parent's house at the time I was in my 20's, home visiting from the mission field if I recall…


I went out to get into my car to go to work today and saw a rather amazing sight. Ice - the entire car from front to back was covered with a sheet of ice. That might be common for you people in the "cold" states, but I rarely ever see that happening. I also don't have tools such as a scraper to get that stuff off of the windshield.

My concern, however, turned immediately to my plants. I didn't watch or read the weather report last night, if I had known it was going to ice over, I would have covered my plants. I can only hope that they aren't all going to keel over and die.

I am allegedly making a trip to Miami today - the rain stopped yesterday but I have no idea what it's doing up north. This company I am delivering doesn't "do" rain, they simply shut down and go home under such conditions. I would like to make the drive up there - it's a very scenic and beautiful stretch of road that I have taken several videos of and pics as well, I…