Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This posting will include refernences to the Almighty, The Creator - GOD. If you don't like such and that particular topic offends you, I advise you to not read this entry. I take no responsibility for the intended effect that God may place upon your heart in bringing salvation to your soul as that is always HIS work, not mine.

2 subjects regarding such.

First is my "old friend" from over 26 years ago, who showed up on my Facebook account, said hi and then wanted to get together. Something nagging at me, I had already confirmed a date with him and my son to go to a shooting range. I ended up blowing that off because Caleb got into trouble and we weren't about to be doing anything in recreational terms.

Then, he sent me his phone number and I said I would call, but failed to. I remembered what the nagging was. The last time I saw him, he had come to my door - my parent's house at the time I was in my 20's, home visiting from the mission field if I recall correctly. He had his baby in a stroller. He started complaining about his cousin, Ron, who had "inadvertently" given his life over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, had been filled with the Holy Spirit and was speaking in tongues.

Although I don't normally go around telling people that I also had same such conversion, including speaking in tongues - I wasn't about to condemn a man for engaging in something that I had already doing for a couple of years at that point. I informed him of such. He got very mad, called it all bullshit and walked away, mumbling under his breath. I never heard from him again - until a couple of weeks ago.

I wrote him a candid letter. I didn't feel that us getting together was going to accomplish anything at all - in fact - probably pretty negative - if he was still of the same mind about such things, as I have not changed my view of it since then and won't be huddling in fear because someone on this planet - or lots of someones - doesn't like the idea and think I am a fool and an idiot to believe and engage in such. I frankly don't care what anyone thinks about it, I will state that here and I will state it to a person's face if they are getting cocky about it, which I have seen hundreds if not thousands of times in my Christian life in witnessing or talking to people about the Lord. I don't even bring that particular subject up - speaking in tongues - as I consider it a private matter that is between the Lord and I, not between the world, God and I.

He wrote back. I was surprised, he was totally apologetic. He said he was an arrogant idiot in those days, didn't know anything, that he is now a "Servant of the Lord" - his words - and that he doesn't feel that way about it at all now. I have not returned his email, I just got it today and I am not feeling well, again.

I was sitting here last night and the ex-marine was out here, coughing and hacking all over the place. I had assumed it was the sickness I had already gone through so I didn't really care. I guess I should have, because I now have a very sore throat, my lungs are not feeling right and I don't feel well. Wonderful. AGAIN? In such a short period of time?

Whatever. I'm just going to take it easy, go to work yes, but otherwise not much of anything else until this passes.

Onto the other thing concerning the Lord. The "homeless" people living in the trailer. I don't talk much about my giving nature to people at work or acquaintences because I am not inclined to hear their condemnation of such people or that they are wondering why I am helping people when I am in financial doldrums myself. Again, I don't CARE what anyone else thinks about the things I do concerning the Lord. I am not afraid to discuss such with people, but why bother? Who wants to listen to people's very negative opinion of ALL homeless people, they MUST all be lazy bums, right?

Just a small question: HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? Have you ever spent any amount of time talking to people in that situation? I have spent 25 years doing such. There ARE lazy bums out there, no doubt. Then there's the rest - all kinds of stories, all kinds of situations - all leading to one place: no shelter over their heads.

I wrote to my dad about what I am doing with these people. I had a little trepidation about such - he is sending me money every month until - whenever he decides not to I guess. I did not ask him for money or even hint at such, he sent a check at the beginning of the month some time ago and those checks have arrived near the 1st of the month ever since.

But, I know my dad. He has been helping the homeless forever. His entire ministry has been full of giving food, blankets, whatever aid he could to such people. He wrote back:
I read your EMail and it about brought tears to my eyes. In all your own troubles our Lord leads you to help a homeless couple!
"Even as you do it unto the least of
these my brothers and sisters,
you do it unto me."
I was very happy to receive this kind of response from my dad, really. Remember that some time ago, the Lord confirmed this move to me in a scripture that was printed on paper that basically fell out of an envelope that had been sent to me asking for more money for Haiti. Hogwash, right? I was searching for confirmation at that VERY point in time. I don't need to question how God speaks to us, He does it in a thousand million different ways.

God is good. He always has been, He always will be.

AS for today, since I'm writing an entry, I drove both up into the northeast mountains of AZ and down to the desert Southwest in Casa Grande. The roads in the mountains were covered with black ice, everything else was coated in snow. It was absolutely beautiful - but I am no fan of driving on icy roads. I slowed down well below the speed limit and cruised at a safe and reasonable speed considering the conditions. Everyone else was doing the same.

I am tired and again, not feeling well. This is what, the 3rd strain of virus I have acquired in 3 months time? Remind me to get up and walk away from people sneezing, hacking and coughing without even attempting to cover their mouth in the future. I am sick - of being sick.


I went out to get into my car to go to work today and saw a rather amazing sight. Ice - the entire car from front to back was covered with a sheet of ice. That might be common for you people in the "cold" states, but I rarely ever see that happening. I also don't have tools such as a scraper to get that stuff off of the windshield.

My concern, however, turned immediately to my plants. I didn't watch or read the weather report last night, if I had known it was going to ice over, I would have covered my plants. I can only hope that they aren't all going to keel over and die.

I am allegedly making a trip to Miami today - the rain stopped yesterday but I have no idea what it's doing up north. This company I am delivering doesn't "do" rain, they simply shut down and go home under such conditions. I would like to make the drive up there - it's a very scenic and beautiful stretch of road that I have taken several videos of and pics as well, I'm going to have to upload all of that stuff and post at least one of them on here or KCL. I don't remember which host is easier to do such with.

The world of tenancy is staying at even keel at the moment. The newest tenant called me yesterday - I rarely ever see the guy - and asked if we were good with this month's rent or how much did he owe? I would have loved to tell him another $200 or something, but that would have been a lie, I reminded him that we had agreed that he was paid up for the month and that the $375 would start next month, which, thankfully, is almost here. My "reserves" have been drawn down a bit with buying and renovating that trailer. I pretty much put buying anything else for it on hold for a while, I am not going to go broke fixing the thing up and that guy can certainly go out and hustle up some work somewhere and buy some of this material himself.

I have bought a few more items for the sprinkler system - it want to finish that project or at least get it operable. I'm getting close to done with it. I won't buy a timer for awhile, the good ones are expensive and I don't have to have it to make the system work.

Speaking of the newest tenant, he did spend the night and I heard him snoring, loudly, out in the kitchen this morning. He warned me of such before he moved in. I shrugged my shoulders - the ex Marine is across the hall from him, he's half deaf anyway. I'm half a house away from that bedroom. I have no idea if it's bothering the other guy or not.

Anyway, work day approacheth.


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