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Fry's Food Stores/Krogers Piss Poor Customer Service

This has gone on long enough.
Fry's Food Stores - all of them that I have visited which are more than 2 handfuls - have self-serve checkout.
Fry's does away with having more checkout lanes open by having up to 8 self-serve checkouts at the Fry's I go to - which is at 48th Street and Baseline in Tempe, Arizona.

Fry's obviously assesses they will save hoardes of money by having "fully" 2 full-serve cashiers operating while having anywhere from 4 to 8 - depending on the time of day and estimated amounts of customers coming through the self-serve checkouts.

This means that me, the consumer, is standing there at a computer screen, operating software generated so that even - well anyway, most people can use the software and successfully use the system to ring up their own goods and check themselves out.


Wrong. Period. End-of-story after being subjected to this S*** for at least a couple of years now.

The software generally will come up with a screen …


I'm basically coughing and hacking away at this point. However, I am still not sure if this is a viral infection or just extremely bad allergies. It could be either. One thing I know, I have no desire whatsoever to pay $100 copay to go see a doc at a urgent clinic. They upped it from $50. Hospital visit up from $100 to $200. Moral to the story - don't get sick, right?

If it is not viral, they can give me a shot that will deal with this stuff quite effectively is the only reason to elaborate on this. I have had one before - whatever it is - it takes the punch right out of whatever is afflicting me and I feel "right as rain" for at least several weeks after that.

I suppose I could try to get in to see my doc - but that's usually a failed attempt. I have thought about getting a new doc just because it's so freakin' hard to get in to see this guy, but I think all of these Cigna docs are just as busy. They presume you go to Urgent Clinics - which are e…