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Sickness Part II

I intend on doing a lot of nothing for the next 3 days. I took today off at the insistence of my manager - which really is a good thing because I know that resting and doing nothing is the best way to get over a sickness, especially something that has hit me as hard and as fast as this one did.

That does not, however, stop me from employing the use of a neighborhood kid to get up on the roof of the trailer and applying a couple of coats of Henry's roof coating on there. I do not have to do anything - I already have the materials on hand. Micheal wanted to do the job, but historically, Michael does a half-@$$ed job of most everything that he touches, just wanting to get the job over with and not doing it right. I summarily rejected his pleas to do such.

Instead, there is a short, skinny, light-weight neighborhood kid that is perfectly willing to do it for a few bucks and that is my intended course of action. I say such because I don't want a big, heavy anyone up there doing …