Friday, February 26, 2010

Sickness Part II

I intend on doing a lot of nothing for the next 3 days. I took today off at the insistence of my manager - which really is a good thing because I know that resting and doing nothing is the best way to get over a sickness, especially something that has hit me as hard and as fast as this one did.

That does not, however, stop me from employing the use of a neighborhood kid to get up on the roof of the trailer and applying a couple of coats of Henry's roof coating on there. I do not have to do anything - I already have the materials on hand. Micheal wanted to do the job, but historically, Michael does a half-@$$ed job of most everything that he touches, just wanting to get the job over with and not doing it right. I summarily rejected his pleas to do such.

Instead, there is a short, skinny, light-weight neighborhood kid that is perfectly willing to do it for a few bucks and that is my intended course of action. I say such because I don't want a big, heavy anyone up there doing it on such an old structure. The less weight up there, the less chance of any structural damage to the roof.

There is not going to be any further work on that trailer until the leaks are ALL plugged up. It is going to rain on Sunday, hopefully the stuff put on there tomorrow will be dried/set and see if the leaks have been stopped.

What is really - annoying - is the fact that I have these brand new roller blades sitting here that I've only been able to use once. After I got them and used them, it started raining. I don't do roller blading in the rain. Then I got sick. I don't do physical exertion when I'm sick, it just makes the sickness linger longer - like forever. Been there, done that. Going to work also causes sickness to stick around. In my case, breathing in that very cold morning air is another factor to making a bad situation MUCH worse. I have learned how my body reacts to all of this stuff over a lifetime of sickness here and there and the older I get,the more I am resolved that simply forcing myself to do nothing is always the best course of action in getting over this kind of thing.

I think today I will go outside and soak up some sun when it warms up a little more. Always a good thing, I think, to go sit outdoors and let the sunshine help bake it out of you. Maybe take a video of the progress made on the property thus-far, I haven't really done one in quite a while. The most current achievements are the advancement of getting 2/3rd's of the Drip Irrigation System operational. The Last Mohican is the front yard - that is coming along nicely as well. In fact, that is 2/3rd's done, too. To put it in the overall pic, I'm about 80% done with the system. Summer's coming, I keep reminding myself, don't let it go until summer hits and then I'm stuck out there watering an hour, hour and a half every day.

I have plenty of other projects to do out there when that system is done, it's not like I will EVER run out of things I want to do out there. Meanwhile, I have some money going every week into an ING savings account to eventually put ceramic floor tile in the kitchen, hallway, living room and utility room. Yes, it's a LOT of tile I will have to buy. I'm figuring around $800 worth of just the tile alone, which doesn't include everything else. I have been watching step-by-step videos of how to install such and am pondering the idea of doing it myself.

It isn't the physical labor that I'm afraid of, it's getting it right. To spend that much money on a project like that and have it turn out bad would not be good. I am watching Home Depot's class signups to get a personal training, live not on the internet, to show me how to do it. Home Depot has all kinds of classes with professionals who show how it's done correctly. It will be a while before I have the money, so, no big hurry. Probably the end of the year, to be honest, at the rate the savings account is going. I can't really afford anymore than I'm putting into it right now, and any room vacancies for tenants will subject that savings account to even slower savings - or none at all when I don't have fully 3 rooms filled with full-paying tenants.

Anyway, I'm offa here. Don't want to spend too much time doing anything but kicking back and relaxing.


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