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Free Plants

The ad on Craigslist distinctly and clearly read: NO earlybirds, starts at 9:00am.
So it was kinda crappy to get there and find out they had been letting people in since 8:00 am.
Well, I didn't make an issue out of it - at all actually - I just went in there to see if they had any freebies left, or out of the stuff they were selling, was any of it my pricing - very cheap - and anything I could us?

I am referring to an ad in Craigslist that had free plants listed, an event that would take place today, starting sharply and crisply at 9:00am.

Someone was standing there and I asked them if there were any free plants left? Yes, she said, those rows of plants right "there". Agave, I took 7 of them and then started looking around. An older lady started telling me about some plants there that I had no clue what they were. In a couple of instances, she said to just take some clippings off of some ground covering plants and they would grow. I did that.

Then I found 3 very int…