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Dogs 101: How To Get Dog Antibiotics WITHOUT A Prescription

This will be the first of an on-going series of how to own a dog - or several dogs - without having to shell out a fortune in keeping them healthy and taking care of them properly. It will also include an entry on whether you are "fit" to be a dog owner, what kind of dog you should consider getting and how much training you will need to get your dog into "obedience" mode versus going hog-wild crazy mode.

Now, to the subject. Antibiotics. From time to time, your dog may need antibiotics. I have 4 dogs, 2 of them are Great Danes and they are brothers. They used to fight each other endlessly when I first got them, took a while to get that bad habit removed from them, and even now I still occasionally have a problem with it. When a dog is bitten by another dog - you can pretty much expect that bite wound is going to get infected.

Clean it out as well as you can, remove the fur from around the wound, clean clean clean it - it's still 90% guaranteed to get infec…

Cafe World Tip 11: Automatic Cooking

This will be a short one. I have found - all over the net really, just stumbled on it and found that it might be something certain people might be interested in. It alleges that you can have food cooking for you without you having to do anything. Therefore, I am calling it Automatic Cooking.

I assume this is a glitch that probably Zynga will seek out and destroy someday, but until then, here is a few sites with people giving instructions on how to set it up:

I have not tried this and won't be - I just prefer to play the game as it is presented instead of having some software glitch doing it for me. The actual name being given this hack/glitch/whatever it is is a Cafe Clicker.
Good luck and if anyone has success in setting it up, please come back and let me know how well it works!


Cafe World Tips - 10: Low Buzz Rating & Slow Game

Let's explore the various reasons that you might possibly have a low buzz rating. As I peruse the message boards on Cafe World, this is one of the biggest issues that people seem to have when complaining about that game, yet, if you have everything set up correctly in your cafe, buzz rating won't be an issue and you WILL have a 105 rating all or mostly all of the time regardless.

First off, let me share something with you that I found simply by clicking on the buzz rating in my Cafe itself. It simply says that if you have a low buzz rating, try redecorating your cafe.

I found that interesting because this is coming from Zynga, not some player who is trying to sell you his guide to playing the game. Much of what I have read from players is that the deco in your cafe has nothing to do with buzz rating, yet here is Zynga themselves saying, apparently, that it DOES affect it.

Look, if a person comes into your cafe and has to wait too long - which isn't very long btw, they …