Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dogs 101: How To Get Dog Antibiotics WITHOUT A Prescription

This will be the first of an on-going series of how to own a dog - or several dogs - without having to shell out a fortune in keeping them healthy and taking care of them properly. It will also include an entry on whether you are "fit" to be a dog owner, what kind of dog you should consider getting and how much training you will need to get your dog into "obedience" mode versus going hog-wild crazy mode.

Now, to the subject. Antibiotics. From time to time, your dog may need antibiotics. I have 4 dogs, 2 of them are Great Danes and they are brothers. They used to fight each other endlessly when I first got them, took a while to get that bad habit removed from them, and even now I still occasionally have a problem with it. When a dog is bitten by another dog - you can pretty much expect that bite wound is going to get infected.

Clean it out as well as you can, remove the fur from around the wound, clean clean clean it - it's still 90% guaranteed to get infected. Well, I was having this problem with my dogs and taking one of them to the vet was $50 just to walk through the door. The vet looks at the dog, tells you he needs antibiotics, information you already knew before you went in there, gives you a prescrpition, walaah, you have just shelled out at least $100.

I started an intense online search. That first visit cost me $125 and I wasn't about to have to pay out that much again if I could help it. I kept looking for dog antibiotics in the search field of a Google search, I kept seeing references to Fish Flex and Fish Mox. What is that? It's antibiotics for your fish tank. You can buy those antibiotics legally without a prescription.

What I didn't understand was why I was getting to all these sites for this fish flex business and what does that have to do with my dog? More searching revealed the answer. This fish flex antibiotics comes in capsules in varying amount of milligrams per capsule. 250 and 500 milligrams being the norm. I found out through some other websites that this stuff was being packaged for aquariums, but the intended use was for your dog. NOTHING on the label or packaging can say that, if it does, then kablaam, you have to have a prescription - and pay a lot more money to get it.

I ended up buying 300 capsules of Fish Flex and Fish Mox. If you don't buy them in advance of a problem, then there IS no usefulness to having this option. Obviously, your dog can't wait for a week or however long any specific company is going to take to get them to you while your dog has this huge and growing infection on his neck or wherever. Vets don't want you to know, but the packaging tells it like it is: It lasts up to TWO years in storage. I keep them in my refrigerator to ensure they stay cool and for optimum storage life.

I just went through a round of one of my dogs with an open wound that was infected. That stuff knocked it out in a couple of days. I do, however, give them the stuff for 7 days minimum, because that's what the experts say to do. You can do it however you like and as a disclaimer, the views expressed on this blog are my opinion and my opinion only. I do not claim to be a vet or have any educational background in dog medicine. What I do claim is that I want to be able to afford to have dogs - and to do that, I have had to search out a lot of stuff online to figure out how to get things done without paying a fortune for it.

You can also buy rabies vaccinations online - at a GREATLY reduced price over going to a vet, and all the other vaccinations that your dog/s need to stay healthy. The last round of antibiotics I bought was from Revival Animal Health, you can Google that and you will find a whole line of "fish" antibiotics and drugs available at a pretty good buy, and no, I don't work for them or get anything out of it, I am just trying to help people get the stuff they need for their dogs without having to - get rid of them. There are already enough dogs being turned into shelters because of the terrible economy and people not being able to afford them and tragically, many of those animals have to be put down due to lack of sufficient people adopting pets.

BTW, for those that have trouble giving dogs pills, here is the easiest, albeit the grossest, method to do it:
Grab the dog by the snout with one hand and pull up - it will open up his jaw. Take the pill that is already in your other hand on the tips of your fingers and yes, with dogs like mine with mouths as big as they are, I have to stick my entire hand inside their mouth. Shove that pill to the very back of his throat. It must go in far enough that he can't reject it with his tongue, cause' if he can, rest-assured that pill is going to end up on the floor. Close his mouth, keep his head lifted up and massage his neck, he has no choice but to swallow it. It takes 2 seconds to do this method compared to people attempting to hide the medicine in doggie treats or whatever other nonsense that goes on out there. I know it's gross, but it can get very annoying trying to lure a dog to eat a pill as opposed to just shoving it down his throat, and no, it doesn't hurt the animal in any way and it isn't considered abusive.

Cafe World Tip 11: Automatic Cooking

This will be a short one. I have found - all over the net really, just stumbled on it and found that it might be something certain people might be interested in. It alleges that you can have food cooking for you without you having to do anything. Therefore, I am calling it Automatic Cooking.

I assume this is a glitch that probably Zynga will seek out and destroy someday, but until then, here is a few sites with people giving instructions on how to set it up:

I have not tried this and won't be - I just prefer to play the game as it is presented instead of having some software glitch doing it for me. The actual name being given this hack/glitch/whatever it is is a Cafe Clicker.
Good luck and if anyone has success in setting it up, please come back and let me know how well it works!


Cafe World Tips - 10: Low Buzz Rating & Slow Game

Let's explore the various reasons that you might possibly have a low buzz rating. As I peruse the message boards on Cafe World, this is one of the biggest issues that people seem to have when complaining about that game, yet, if you have everything set up correctly in your cafe, buzz rating won't be an issue and you WILL have a 105 rating all or mostly all of the time regardless.

First off, let me share something with you that I found simply by clicking on the buzz rating in my Cafe itself. It simply says that if you have a low buzz rating, try redecorating your cafe.

I found that interesting because this is coming from Zynga, not some player who is trying to sell you his guide to playing the game. Much of what I have read from players is that the deco in your cafe has nothing to do with buzz rating, yet here is Zynga themselves saying, apparently, that it DOES affect it.

Look, if a person comes into your cafe and has to wait too long - which isn't very long btw, they leave, your buzz rating goes down. If they sit down at the table and have to wait too long to get their food, they leave - buzz rating goes down. The objective is to minimize wait time and maximize the use of your waiters and waitresses.

To do this, the layout of your cafe is EVER so important. Many layouts incorporate the use of a giant square or U-shaped of tables all next to each other with the counters in the middle. This works well and is the way I have my Cafe set up. You must make sure that your servers are able to access all of the tables they are trying to serve, if they cannot, whichever tables are inaccessible are going to have customers lowering your buzz rating because, of course, they are not being served.

Try tweaking things in your cafe. If you have more than one door, get rid of them and only use 1. Some players swear that putting 2 doors side by side improve buzz rating. I didn't notice in my cafe that that accomplished anything. I have doors at opposite corners of my cafe. Try rearranging your tables. Google Cafe World Layouts and see some setups - or just get a bunch of neighbors and go to all of their cafes and see how they have theirs set up. Make sure you keep your serving counters as close to the tables as possible.

And again, try redecorating your cafe, if Zynga says that's a solution, then by golly it must have some merit to it.

Onto slow speed. Cafe World is a beta application. The more things you have in your Cafe that the beta has to "remember" and keep running, the more resources it's going to us in your computer. I currently have 12 counters and 18 ovens. When I added 4 counters and 2 ovens a few days ago, I noticed the speed slowed even more - starting up the game and getting it running. That's the simple point. If your computer doesn't have enough memory to be able to keep up with too much, take some of the counters and stoves OUT and see if that doesn't help. It's less for the beta app to have to deal with.

Tweak your computer. I'm referring to Windows XP - but the same should be true of any Windows application. Go into control panel, find System. Click on Advanced, then click on Performance settings. Under Visual Effects, click on the field that says "Adjust For Best Performance". Note that you will have to restart your computer for it to apply the new settings. Don't worry, your computer isn't going to crash because you are changing this particular thing.

Now, click on Advanced on the same window - a tab at the stop. It will take you to a screen that has on it, with other things: Virtual Memory. You want to make sure you have that set at the highest possible setting your computer will allow. My max is 2046 MB. I simply put in a large number, the computer faulted and told me to put in a value no greater than 2046 and that's where I applied it. Yours might be different. This will greatly affect the quality of your game.

You may also want to change the resolution. A little less clarity might not be such a bad tradeoff for a faster playing game.

To do this, go back into your control panel, find the Display icon and click on that. Click on the Settings tab. It will take you to a screen for resolution. Try setting it to less resolution and lower color quality. Go back to your Cafe game and see if it helps any. It did for me, but that's just me. If it doesn't do anything, you can always set it back to the higher resolution and color quality you had it at before.

The other standard tips I have already covered in another entry, but I'll go over it again here. Always clear your cache/history before starting the game. Shut off any other programs you are running when you are going to start up Cafe World. Downloading programs; having software running - anything is going to negatively effect the speed of the game, trust me, it will. Also, do a defrag on your computer frequently. It takes time but you can still use the computer while it's doing the defrag. Compress old files that are taking up space and not being used for anything. All of this can be done through the control panel.

If you try everything concerning your buzz rating and you still can't fix it, please leave a comment on here - we can become Cafe World Neighbors and I can take a look at what's going on in your cafe, how you have it set up and perhaps some tips to help you get it running smoothly.

Happy Cooking!

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...