Monday, March 1, 2010


Just a few minutes left before I have to sign in for work.
Not feeling too terribly bad today, a good thing. Still have that cough, but from the looks of it, that stuff hangs around quite a while before it leaves your system.
Runs to Casa Grande and another part of Chandler is the fare for today's doings, at least I will have something to do to keep me busy.
Weather has turned back to clear skies - a good thing, that helps a coughing cold to go away faster than cold, overcast skies and blowing winds.

So, hopefully make it through the work day without too much trouble - or if so, the work day doesn't last forever - get home, take a nap and just continue to recover. I wonder how much of anyone's life, on-average, is spent being sick?


Alright, bound and determined to get this stuff done, I went to the courthouse today, presented them with all the paperwork and - got busy. ...