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The Longest Day?

When I went into work this morning, I knew what was in the truck routing system and what deliveries had to be made where. I already had the semi loaded with a giant fusion machine and it's accompanying generator. I was to take it to a jobsite only 7 miles down the road and then go make another delivery, a pickup at a vendor and then deliver what I picked up at the vendor. I figured that would take most of the day.

I'm getting ready to leave when a salesman calls my manager - who showed up to work today after being off for 2 days extremely sick.

It's a long story - trying to completely change the game plan for 2 warehouses worth of drivers usually is going to take a while. The change was simply this: Take the machinery I have on my truck to White River, Arizona - they have an emergency and have to have it there today, the earlier the better. The 7 mile one-way drive turned into a 172 mile one-way drive through some of the most beautiful scenery to be found in Arizona…