Friday, March 5, 2010


The tenant that is 2 and a half weeks behind comes into the house yesterday and starts telling me his story. A manager allegedly grabbed him and started squeezing him - or whatever - he called corporate, the guy was allegedly fired. Now, he has also been let go. He started talking about how he filed for unemployment and this that and the other thing.

Great, where's my rent? He has a tax refund check, of which I informed him. He starts talking about how he has to pay his car insurance. Great, where's my rent? If he gives me NONE of that tax refund check, I will be issuing him a 5-day notice. The ex-marine - well I guess I'll find out next week. He has historically paid his rent, on time excepting for one month where he got behind and doing the same thing he's doing this month, so I'm hoping he's good for it.

The empty room, I've had a number of emails and have replied to them but nothing solid yet. I will be making some phone calls after work today to see if any of these people are really interested.

Friday. Left work yesterday early - and there was nothing for today excepting a couple of pickups. Now? 4 deliveries and pickups for those deliveries all over the place. I had thought I was going to get off of work early today - I doubt that's going to happen now, meaning a couple of hours of overtime - which really isn't overtime because REAL overtime doesn't start until 40 hours is done. I'm currently getting 35 hours per week. Thinking back to the days when I was work 70, 80, even 90 hours per week, lol. Hauling in the money, too. Different job, yes. Taking home - after taxes - over $1,100 per week. Those were the good ole' days.

I have had thoughts here and there of a part-time job - get rid of one tenant at least and open up a bedroom for some other use than strangers - but, I love my weekends off. Hard to get beyond that. I am currently NOT floating financially with these non-payers - but I hope to get that other room filled by Sunday when it's going to open up and I also expect some sort of resolution to the non-payers, one way or the other, for good or bad.

Yes, it's the good life of attempting to juggle finances with - not enough. Hey, changing the subject drastically, did you see the video of that rogue wave hitting that ship? That was CRAZY! 2 people dead and more injured. I was in awe of the person taking that video - standing there while this wave comes up and comes right at the person doing the video. Me? I would have RAN for my LIFE!! SCREW the video!

Umm, nothing much else - cepting' my son's accomplishment, yesterday, of finally passing the written test to get his learner's permit. He was ecstatic. I will start this weekend with him somewhere in a parking lot and see how he does. Graduate to something - a little at a time - until I am a little comfortable that he's ready for "regular" traffic, which around these parts, is hardly normal.

Anyway, work day approaches and I must be off to the races!

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