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Just a few things.
First, a guy was supposed to show up and check out the house/room. He was 10 minutes away when he had last called. It happens - people drive through the neighborhood, don't like it, leave, won't call you back and at least have the nerve to tell you so. I saw him, I believe, drive through the neighborhood, it must have been him, guessing anyway. He drove up the street, turned around and drove off.

Next? Don't really care, there are 4 other people "in-queue" showing up later. I tell them first-come, first-served. I continue to run new ads everyday, meanwhile, until I get someone in here.

Second, a Cafe World neighbor and facebook friend wrote after I asked on my wall if anyone knew anything about thyroid problems. Turns out she has had her thyroid removed, had cancer in it. That was 15 years ago. She seemed to think it was no big deal and that she knows a lot of other people with thyroid issues, again, to them anyway, no big deal. Take…