Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Watermelons and Obama

Funny, I grew up around black people and I never heard anything about watermelons and black people being a racist comment.
It seems if you say ANYTHING negative about Obama, you MUST be a racist. This is the message some elements of the media have been attempting to get across since before Obama was elected.
I doubt Dan Rather is a racist, and I doubt his statements were racially motivated. Who cares about the color of the man's skin, all I know is if he continues the path he's on, HE will be dubbed the worst president in America's history. He has done NOTHING, that I can see, except spend money and receive a Nobel Peace Prize forrrrr...........what, again?
Oh, there are black kids over at my house every day, I will have to ask them if they have some enamor for watermelons. Actually, those kids like anything I happen to be making, lol. For the record, I am white, not a racist, but definitely did NOT vote for Obama. I did not believe he had the experience or character to be able to deal with the problems the world is going to throw at him in terms of Iraq; Iran; Afghanistan; North Korea and then there is always something brewing somewhere in the world.

Iran most certainly doesn't respect the man, though, in all honesty, they don't seem to respect anyone, including their own people.

We are still in a housing bubble/disaster; bank execs are still getting huge bonuses along with AIG personnel; the economy still sucks; millions of Americans are still out of work; many of those are losing their homes and some of those are unable to find new housing; even more are hungry. The government has thrown billions of dollars at this mess to accomplish - from what I see - absolutely nothing but waste American taxpayer money.

No, I don't see where Obama has done anything but create an even larger black hole to dump taxpayer money into - it goes in there and just disappears. OH NOOOOO! I inadvertently said "black" hole, I MUST BE RACIST!!!! I MUST just not like the man because he is black!!! Of course, if I were racist, I wouldn't have black kids over at my house, along with Mexican kids - my son's friends - hanging out, playing video games, etc etc etc, now would I?

Rant over, at least for this entry and back to the normally scheduled program, my life, mostly. This isn't the typical blog, this is more of a diary with my own politcal views thrown in here and there and even more about other subjects.

As for today, well, our store has slowed down considerably. Yesterday was 1 delivery and a pickup, today is just 1 pickup and nothing else. May be a challenge to keep busy all day long, but there is plenty of cleaning that needs to be done. I am continuing to run CL ads for a roommate, and though I have had a number of calls and even people interested in coming to see the place, only 1 individual has actually shown up and he was terrified of the dogs. Just keep plugging away at that until I get someone in there.

As for now, I must get offa here, work day is here.


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