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Watermelons and Obama

Funny, I grew up around black people and I never heard anything about watermelons and black people being a racist comment.
It seems if you say ANYTHING negative about Obama, you MUST be a racist. This is the message some elements of the media have been attempting to get across since before Obama was elected.
I doubt Dan Rather is a racist, and I doubt his statements were racially motivated. Who cares about the color of the man's skin, all I know is if he continues the path he's on, HE will be dubbed the worst president in America's history. He has done NOTHING, that I can see, except spend money and receive a Nobel Peace Prize forrrrr...........what, again?
Oh, there are black kids over at my house every day, I will have to ask them if they have some enamor for watermelons. Actually, those kids like anything I happen to be making, lol. For the record, I am white, not a racist, but definitely did NOT vote for Obama. I did not believe he had the experience or character…