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Children, Please Don't Try This At Home

There is a towing company with a huge yard across the street from our work. I see totally trashed vehicles on top of tow trucks coming in there every day, but - this one takes the cake. If anyone was in that car when it was ran into, I would assume that person or those people have met their Maker at this point. A Fedex driver came into our store today all worked up about that car. When I saw it, it was something out of the Twilight Zone. I came back by later to take several pics of it - I was in the semi when I took that pic, but it was gone. They don't leave that stuff sitting long, I really have no idea WHY they bring all those vehicles over there. The reason I say that is because they bring many of those vehicles in there, leave them there and then later on move them - somewhere else. When I say somewhere else, I mean a tow truck comes back, loads it and takes off with it????

Umm, well enough of that. In fact, I have to go to bed now!!
No clue. Never asked…


Slooooooooow week at work, until today. Suddenly there are 6 deliveries and a return in the system. Just like that - poof and they're there. Well, it would be nice if some of this stuff would have come on days when there was nothing to do, such as yesterday. I spent most of the day yesterday covering up plastic pipe.

Arizona sun burns the stuff. From light brown to black, that pipe gets pretty ugly. It STILL burns even when covered up, but at a much slower pace. At this time of year, not so bad, but any discoloration now will be intensified great in a couple of months from now.

Tenant issues continue to plague me. Yesterday, Michael said one of them was taking his food, food his mother had bought for him. I have seen this individual - when going through video surveillance - taking my food before. I have had this problem before and I had to directly confront the person to get it to stop. Well, this guy has new hours at his new job, the best I could do was leave a notice un…