Friday, March 12, 2010


Umm, wow, I got caught up in some news and Craigslist stuff and my before-work time is almost already gone!!
Oh well.
I am reading this situation with the health care bill very intently - this little deal where federal funds can be used to perform abortions is sickening - to me anyway. If you want to kill your baby - PAY FOR IT YOURSELF, don't assume or expect American taxpayers to do it for you. I will be very upset, honestly, if this bill passes with that junk in there.
I only state this because now the dems are stating they are ready to try to pass the bill without taking that wording out of there. I consider this a form of governmental corruption on a mass scale. Even many liberals do not like the idea of taxpayers having to foot the bill for such.

Anyway, the weekend's almost here, I have a short work day - shortened anyway, because I was out late yesterday afternoon doing a return in the far, southeast valley. Which I thought was cool, knowing I would be able to get off early today : )
Have a great day, folks!

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