Sunday, March 14, 2010

In An Ideal World

.........I wouldn't always have to think about finances, I wouldn't have to have 3 strangers/tenants living in my home and I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. In the real world - well anyone that is breathing has learned about the real world. Interestingly, God NEVER promised us an easy life. He said He would help us, yes, but there ain't no red carpets being rolled out everywhere you go. Yet, for all the hardships life has to offer, there are the joys and the good things that help to equalize it all out. It's all a matter of perspective, really - the age-old is your glass half empty or is it half full axiom. A positive outlook on life - whether you are rich or poor - is the only way to go. I try, really do.

Not that anything ridiculous is going on right now, though those thyroid scans tomorrow and the next day are still bothering me. I just fall back on the fact that we all have to go out of this world somehow, if it's my time, then so beit. I hope not, definitely, there are MANY things I would love to do while I still have life within me. I have never gone overseas and I dearly want to visit various places in Europe "someday". It's a goal - it's on the horizon, usually, eventually, I find a way to make goals happen. But, for now, it's out there, not within grasp yet, still in the dream phase. And anyway, I would far rather do travelling like that with a significant other - which is also, for now, a fairy-tale in the dream world.

My "big" outing today will be to go get that Direct TV receiver. I actually would rather wait until my contract with Directv is up and then switch to Dish Network, thereby acquiring all new equipment for free, but it's still 3 months off til' I can do that. I would actually rather stay with Direct TV, but since I am an existing customer, they will not agree to any of the good deals going on for reduced prices in monthly service and they won't give me free equipment. I've tried that in the past, which is why I ended up switching to Dish Network, and then, back to Direct TV. In reality, I wouldn't mind dumping the $80 per month I am spending on it, but tenants rule this house in terms of amenities, that is one I cannot do without without jeopardizing losing all of them.

Long time readers may remember Ken, the guy that used to live here and of whom I found unconscious in his bedroom - and stayed unconscious for almost 2 months. He is on Facebook and he actually sounds lucid and normal. He says he lost 2 months of his life - has no recollection of any of the hospital stuff he went through, I must say that that is a GOOD thing because they subjected him through quite a lot of stuff during that period. What I'm more happy about is that he hasn't been able to drink any alcohol in the entire time he's been going. He would get flaming drunk on the weekends and wreak havoc in my house, I would always have to go to his bedroom door, bang on it loudly and deal with it.

Joe just called. He is also a former tenant who went to California and never returned - well never until a few weeks ago. I have a closet filled with his stuff and have contacted him telling him to come get it or lose it. He wants to come get it. I hope he has the $115.00 in hand that he promised he would have when he would come to get it, because if he doesn't, well, he's going to have to go get it first. I want the unpaid rent and I see no moral deficiency in holding his things until he pays me. It IS legal for me to do so after 21 days have passed after abandoning his rental unit. I could have had a yard sale and sold whatever I could and then give the rest to Goodwill. People leave me having to deal with their stuff, you can be rest assured if they want that stuff back, they are going to have to pay the same kind of price I have to. In this case, he left the unit, his rent was already past-due, didn't bother to come back and did not give notice of intent to move out. I have held onto that stuff for what, over 2 months now? I could also legitimately charge him a storage fee - whatever is reasonable. $5 per day is reasonable times 60 days. Yup, it adds up. I am not going to do that, but I refuse to give him his stuff back until he pays the unpaid rent. If he comes here starting trouble, I will simply call the police.

I don't expect the worst out of people, no, but with ex-tenants it can happen and HAS happened in the past. Today could be filled with all kinds of excitement!

Ummmmmmmm, with that I am going to end this one.



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