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In An Ideal World

.........I wouldn't always have to think about finances, I wouldn't have to have 3 strangers/tenants living in my home and I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. In the real world - well anyone that is breathing has learned about the real world. Interestingly, God NEVER promised us an easy life. He said He would help us, yes, but there ain't no red carpets being rolled out everywhere you go. Yet, for all the hardships life has to offer, there are the joys and the good things that help to equalize it all out. It's all a matter of perspective, really - the age-old is your glass half empty or is it half full axiom. A positive outlook on life - whether you are rich or poor - is the only way to go. I try, really do.

Not that anything ridiculous is going on right now, though those thyroid scans tomorrow and the next day are still bothering me. I just fall back on the fact that we all have to go out of this world somehow, if it's my time, then so beit. I hop…