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My Nightmare

Dreams - or nightmares - tend to have stuff in them that in actions that are physically impossible. However, this nightmare was a doozy and in my mind, must have gone on for hours (whether it did or didn't isn't the point: I definitely thought I was going to be killed in this drama).

As we taxiied down the runway - inside of some sort of jetliner and I was a co-pilot - we were escaping something that was coming after us. (I love airplanes, so it was only fitting that my dream started out in such). Our lives were in imminent danger - I don't know from what, the dream started here and progressed from that point.

It was a small town and a junky looking airstrip. In fact, in reality, no-one would ever land a jumbo-jet on such a thing. The asphalt was all cracked, the lines were totally faded and there was a small control tower with one man working the field.

The town itself was full of tattered, old homes that were all falling apart. The world I was in did not seem like t…
Ummmm, call me naieve, I had NO idea that Boeing was still producing the 747. That is a picture of the 747-8R, a production plane that is not available to the airline industry yet. This is a pic of it's maiden flight - February 8, 2010. I am in love with the 747. I flew in one when I was 10 years old and I will never forget the experience.