Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday - KCL and Blogging in general

Lesseeeee - I am now a bigot, a right-wing leaning conservative religious nutcase and a hypocrite. Of course, this assessment only came from one person, so I will reserve jugdment on myself in case all of this isn't true : )

I was commenting on another person's journal about that person's take on illegal aliens and the costs that they impose on individual states and on the federal government, when another person came onto his blog and basically ostracized me for my views of things.

Funny, I don't remember signing anything anywhere that says that my views must be in complete agreement with some other individual's views of things. When I have to do that, I will stop blogging altogether. Although I don't doubt the end result of some of our nation's leader's intent is to create a socialist style nation that is run but more: dictated by the federal government as to how we shall live our lives - the American people are not going to go for it. That is evidenced by the large numbers of Americans that are standing up against this health-care overhaul - 37 states now whose governors are threatening to sue the Federal Government if this piece of legislation passes.

The point is simply that I refuse to be gagged and silenced by anyone. People can call me all the names they want - it only stands to make that person look juvenile in maturity and ability to cope in society. I have certainly taken my share of the religious name-calling in my adult life-span of street preaching, talking about the Lord online on numerous different venues and talking to individuals about the Lord as well. People don't need God until - they need a god. When they need a god, then perhaps they will find the true God - the Lord - Jesus Christ - the Father God - The Holy Spirit - a lot of names defining the Trinity and the Lord of Hosts.

Regardless, I suppose this kind of name-calling and trash-talking will go on as long as there are humans present on the earth that are able to communicate with each other, it is nothing that surprises me, but the lows that people will stoop to to try and press another person's buttons sometimes does surprise me at least a little.

Fortunately, I always have this blog to come to if such suppression does, indeed, occur on any other blog, as I have found Blogspot/Blogger to basically not care one way or the other what you do with your blog as long as it isn't something extremely objectionable or against the law. I have even seen extremely objectionable blogs have a warning page issued before you can access it - warning, this blog has been found to objectionable by others, yada yada yada.

I do not, however, believe that KCL owners would ever try to silence me on my personal views of things, they do, after all, opine on many subjects across the board and I would say quite bluntly at that. Not that I have a problem with that, just making an observation. Still, when you get a site like KCL and all of these individuals sort of get thrown into a small box, so to speak, it is always interesting - or ghastly depending on your views of things - to see the occasional torrents of hate and verbal abuse that spews forth from certain individuals.

And, I might add, a handful of individuals that are either singularly or collectively at the onset of such interactions that lend to mild chaos; forms of verbal barbarianism and general malfeasance shown to everyone else.

Well, workday is here, I must be about the company's business.



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