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Another day with next to nothing to do in terms of deliveries at work. In fact, there ARE no deliveries, only one pickup - and that place is only 5 miles away from the branch.
Well, the semi hasn't been washed in - months actually - there has been no time for it until the last week or so. It takes several hours to wash a truck and trailer by hand. However, I won't even think about doing that until the sun is up and it warms up a bit. There are plenty of cleaning projects to do, thankfully, that will occupy my time if nothing else comes up.

The subject is worn to threads, but I am still intently watching the health care debacle as it winds down to a vote, allegedly anyway, on Sunday. All the big mounths around the nation are espousing their ideals on the subject - whether for or against it (I am totally against spending 1 trillion dollars in a BAD economy, but who am I?) - it really is like going to a circus and watching the clowns perform with their little toys and the a…