Friday, March 19, 2010


Another day with next to nothing to do in terms of deliveries at work. In fact, there ARE no deliveries, only one pickup - and that place is only 5 miles away from the branch.
Well, the semi hasn't been washed in - months actually - there has been no time for it until the last week or so. It takes several hours to wash a truck and trailer by hand. However, I won't even think about doing that until the sun is up and it warms up a bit. There are plenty of cleaning projects to do, thankfully, that will occupy my time if nothing else comes up.

The subject is worn to threads, but I am still intently watching the health care debacle as it winds down to a vote, allegedly anyway, on Sunday. All the big mounths around the nation are espousing their ideals on the subject - whether for or against it (I am totally against spending 1 trillion dollars in a BAD economy, but who am I?) - it really is like going to a circus and watching the clowns perform with their little toys and the animals.

I do not, however, find any humor whatsoever in the "fact" that this bill will have a loophole to allow illegal aliens to receive free healthcare or that this bill allegedly will allow for elective abortions. It was bad enough to pass a law to make abortion legal, it is that much worse that taxpayer money should go to pay for them.

Well, time will tell. Even if it does pass, there will be hurdles thrown in front of it, from what I am reading, that will make it difficult to actually be enacted as it currently is written.

Weekend is almost here. 7 hours of work and then go home for a couple of days off. I figure to do some Spring Cleaning this weekend - starting with my bedroom I am going to move all the furniture around, vacuum and use the carpet cleaning machine and basically go over every corner of the room until it sparkles. I'm not a big fan of washing windows, but that is on the agenda as well. In fact, my version of a Spring Cleaning will take more than one weekend. I just focus on one room until it's the way I want it and then move onto something else.

Anyway, work day is here and a freight truck just showed up, off to work.


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