Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Crazy Dream

Dreams - or nightmares - tend to have stuff in them that in actions that are physically impossible. However, this nightmare was a doozy and in my mind, must have gone on for hours (whether it did or didn't isn't the point: I definitely thought I was going to be killed in this drama).

As we taxiied down the runway - inside of some sort of jetliner and I was a co-pilot - we were escaping something that was coming after us. (I love airplanes, so it was only fitting that my dream started out in such). Our lives were in imminent danger - I don't know from what, the dream started here and progressed from that point.

It was a small town and a junky looking airstrip. In fact, in reality, no-one would ever land a jumbo-jet on such a thing. The asphalt was all cracked, the lines were totally faded and there was a small control tower with one man working the field.

The town itself was full of tattered, old homes that were all falling apart. The world I was in did not seem like the earth that I know - though I have been in places in Mexico that slightly resembled the little town we were leaving. The place was dark - as in evil - and scary. Others had scrambled into the plane, I didn't know any of these people, and frankly, I didn't even know who the pilot was, either.

In this dream, I had no idea where I was, how I got into the predicament or what I was running from. As we took off, I sighed a huge sigh of relief as we got away from whatever "it" was, but there was far greater danger that we were approaching.

It seemed like we had only been in the sky for a very short time - as we had just acquired cruising altitude when we both saw it: A giant stone structure whose base was on the ground but apparently ascended more than 35,000 feet - we were above the clouds. It had a GIANT opening in it - miles across and we were somehow being sucked into it. We were also apparently running out of fuel as the engines started flaming out.

The only thing I remember is sheer terror. We could not escape the pull of this structure, whatever was happening was fate: we were doomed to a disastrous crash and there was nothing we could do about it. As we entered this stone thing, the engines had all died and we started a vertical descent at unbelievable rate of speed, INSIDE of this stone structure. There was JUST enough room for the plane to fit vertically, going straight down, on either side of the structure. As we went down, we saw the bottom looming, but before the bottom, the structure opened up on one side and the engines "magically" came back on.

The maneuvers the airplane made are physically impossible. In reality, the plane would have crashed at the opening of the structure. Instead, we did an almost L-turn going into it and then suddenly and immediately going straight down. We made another L-turn near the bottom and were flying, basically, in the Twilight Zone. I say that because it was a land that was very, very strange looking, hard to define. Like the land of dinosaurs without the dinosaurs.

Well, the plane levelled out but we crashed into a semi-flat area at the bottom. There was some - race - of people there waiting for us with seemingly very hostile intent. It became evident quickly that they were out to kill us with arrows, knives, stones or just plain ole' strangulation. They did not have any modern-day guns/weapons/anything.

As the people that had scrambled onto the plane got out, they were viciously assaulted and killed. Heads being cut off, arrows being flung into their bodies, these people that were killing us were cutting off our heads and got a hold of the pilot, stabbing her multiple times, ripping off limbs.

I told you this was a nightmare, I'm writing it out because it was SO vidid and SO incredibly weird.........

Somehow, I managed to get away. I was running for my life. I was looking around while running trying to figure out where to run to to get away from these people. Inside of this stone structure, the ONLY way out was UP. The whole thing was surrounded by huge cliffs and rock structures. For whatever reason, these killers did not know I had slipped past them and did not notice me until I had made a good distance from them straight up the side of this rock structure.

Apparently, I had become the prey and these people had been training a young man in the art of hunting down and killing such. This couldn't have been more than a 15 year old kid. They "dispatched" this kid after me and this guy was running like a Gazelle. UNBELIEVABLE - and impossible for any man - speed. I sped up my race to get up and out of this viscereal stone structure. If you ever see a stone structure jutting up into the heavens, almost into space - please stay away from it. It will try to kill you!

BTW, I have very vivid images in my mind of this entire scenario, it has not disappeared out of my memory and this dream occured over 2 weeks ago.

The rock wall I was on disappeared back inside the stone structure and I found myself crawling up narrow shafts and then onto flat rock and then going back up narrow shafts. I was hoofing it - as fast as my feet could take me I was moving. That kid was gaining on me. The rock slowed him down considerably once he got to it and started climbing it. He had a bow with numerous arrows in a sack on his back.

From the look of it, I had thousands and thousands of feet to climb. This went on for quite a while, the boy eventually gained on me until he was maybe 50 feet or so below me. I decided I was not going to die at the hands of a teenager and waited for him. I positioned myself in such a way that when he got to me, my foot was going to go into his face and I was going to attempt to shove him off the cliff and make him fall - about a 100 foot fall. It also became evident that this was some super-human or possibly alien race with great strength and power - and also, apparently, magic tricks.

Regardless, this kid got to me - he looked like a savage. I shoved my foot in his face and made contact, but he managed to grab my ankled and tried to pull me down. I got my other foot and was bashing his face with it while he was also trying to grab that. I managed to slip my foot out of his grasp and then gave one, final, huge blow to his face with both feet. He fell. His body was crashing onto the rocks jutting out and he landed on the ground with a great thud.

Out of the thin blue air, one of the adults of this species magically appeared, picked the boy up and disappeared.

I wasn't waiting around for whatever was coming next, super-adrenaline pumping through my veins I redoubled my efforts to get out of this rock thing and get away from these people. Well, now, a whole group of adults were after me. I was in sheer terror, which helped me to not wear out - my feet kept moving. Somewhere along the way, tall pine trees came into my view. I had thought this a good sign, perhaps I could get out of this thing and back onto - the Earth.

And sure enough, I got up high enough and back onto solid ground. It was a forest and I started running for my life through it, as the people chasing me were giving a relentless pursuit. I was shocked that, as I was running, I came through a clearing in the forest and there was a highway in front of me. Wherever this was, it was at a VERY high altitude as the road was at least a 10% grade.

A car with a man driving approached, I waved him down, frantically moving my arms up and down. The whole thing was surreal. He stopped, I just jumped in and told him to floor it, get the bleep OUT of there. As he started to pull away, the men that were chasing me came crashing out of the woods. They were flinging arrows and throwing rocks as we sped off. 100 feet up the road, an incredible sight as some sort of aboriginal looking people, dressed to the 9's in some sort of tribal-looking wear, painted faces - that looked like death - painted bodies - were standing there, lined up at the edge of the forest, spears in hand but the spears were being held veritically with the spear heads in the ground.

These people were standing there like stone statutes. They were not attempting to stop us and they were not the same people as the others that had been chasing us. The looks on their faces, however, was enough to invoke even more terror. You have to understand that throughout this entire ordeal, I was completely, totally terrified. The people that were chasing us had stopped in the middle of the road, having had given up the chase. Why they didn't use their "magic" to simply plant themselves ahead of us, I'm not sure, but I think it had to do with passing through a portal in the road.

Whatever the portal was,apparently those behind us could not pass through it. We drove on and came into view of some of the most majestic mountain scenery I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen plenty. This was also an impossible road, or appeared to be anyway. It was at the very top of a huge mountain ridge - I have no idea what the elevation was, but we were obviously VERY high up.

This is when I woke up. My heart was pumping and I was breathing heavily as if I had just run a marathon. It took quite a while to calm down.

I had no idea, and still don't, if this dream/nightmare has any relevance to my real life. Some claim that dreams are an extension of yourself and that those dreams can be interpreted to find some meaning that is attached to whatever you may be going through in life.

I felt compelled to put it into printed word simply because it's still in my head. Most dreams I wake up from I completely forget about right away.

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