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Cafe World Tip 15: How To Effectively Use Your Spices

It dawned on me today while using the spices that perhaps, just perhaps, I could dump a 10% additional servings spice on ONE dish, over and over and over and have it multiply it that many times on ONE dish, instead of doing it on 18 dishes that I was cooking.

So I tried it. I dumped the 10% spice on one serving of Mu Shai Dumplings that I was cooking 30 times. I think the dumplings are 580 servings per dish that you are cooking. I then used the 1-hour thyme on it 5 times - it's a 6 hour dish. I then started dumping the Mystery spice on it. Some of the Mystery spices are rather worthless. You get some that that take 2 minutes off of cooking time, or 5 minutes. Big waah. Waste of time for that. Some of them give you free gold coins or cafe points - semi-worth it.

Well, when this dish was done cooking there were almost 3,000 servings on that ONE dish. It does NOT, however, give you multiplied Cafe points, so this tip is only good for increasing the amount of dishes you can g…