Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday/Health Care Bill Passes

When the government says that this bill is going to cost over 800 plus billion dollars, how much do you think the final price tag for all of this is REALLY going to cost? Have you ever known the government to stay on-budget for anything? I would guess triple, even quadruple that amount to be the "final" cost.

You don't just suddenly dump 32 million people into an existing pool of "customers" and figure that everything is going to flow as smoothly as it did before they were all thrown into the mix.

The point? We all want health care like other nations that have subsided, government run health care, but do we want the TAX base that they have as well? Do you really think that 41% of your income should go to the Federal Government? THIS HEALTH CARE BILL ISN'T FREE. It may end up to be a free bonanza for whoever - slackers I would assume, people that spend their lives living off the "good graces" of others - usually taxpayers - but it's going to cost you and I, the average Joe, a good chunk of change sooner or later. Probably sooner.

There are also those that are saying the Democrats - I can say that with confidence because not a single Republican voted for this bill - didn't even bother to READ the bill. This isn't shocking, but it is appalling. I have heard forever now that many politicians vote on bills where they haven't read one page of the text of the bill.

A majority of Amercans were opposed to the passage of this bill. Which means that the politicians "representing" us didn't represent us at all. Those that voted for it did their own thing, dissing their constituency and making it clear that they know what's best for us, we are too dumb to figure it all out. I imagine the voting polls this year will be very, very busy.

Onto other things. I issued the non-paying tenant a 5-day notice yesterday. I'm sure he must have felt it coming, I'm not going to let him live in my house for free forever. He'll have to move back in with mommy or someone else unless he can come up with a good chunk of change within the next 5 days. Life sucks sometimes - but I'm going broke without the money from these tenants. My savings will be gone by the middle of next month if this situation isn't reversed and quickly. If I have to actually take him to court to get him out, then I'm going to be a very unhappy person and his living there will not be "nice" by any stretch of the imagination.

I got a lot of stuff done outside yesterday, but there is still much to do. I intend on getting most of it done by the end of this month so I am not left scrambling next month to try and get it finished before the intense heat gets here. The ex-marine apparently is sticking around for a while - which helps me to identify, if nothing else, that his word should be good for the amount of money I am going to receive from him at the end of this month, which is still 10 days off.

That's about it for now, work day is almost here. I have read enough news this morning, it's all focused on the health care bill, Pelosi's face with that smug look is plastered everywhere. They're all patting themselves on the backs and thinking how great they are. These people don't have a friggin' clue. That's my complaint and has been since I was much younger: they don't have to go work jobs like the average American does, they are all rich by my standards if no-one else's, they simply cannot relate to the common American. And from what I've seen in recent days, they don't CARE if they relate or not. This is the epitome of arrogance and self-aggrandization and it is sickening to watch.

Anyway, I'm outta here.



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