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Monday/Health Care Bill Passes

When the government says that this bill is going to cost over 800 plus billion dollars, how much do you think the final price tag for all of this is REALLY going to cost? Have you ever known the government to stay on-budget for anything? I would guess triple, even quadruple that amount to be the "final" cost.

You don't just suddenly dump 32 million people into an existing pool of "customers" and figure that everything is going to flow as smoothly as it did before they were all thrown into the mix.

The point? We all want health care like other nations that have subsided, government run health care, but do we want the TAX base that they have as well? Do you really think that 41% of your income should go to the Federal Government? THIS HEALTH CARE BILL ISN'T FREE. It may end up to be a free bonanza for whoever - slackers I would assume, people that spend their lives living off the "good graces" of others - usually taxpayers - but it's goi…