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Cafe World Tips 15: 70,000 Chinese Candy Servings In 2 Days Off ONE Oven!

This tip is for the use of spices. Though I wrote another entry about this a few days ago, I did not have the same information that I do now.

Basically, the thought came to me to try adding the same spice to one dish, over and over and over, see if Zynga made allowance for that or can you only add it once?

I started with Shu Mai Dumplings - added around 30 servings of 10% spice - and yes, I did end up with close to 3,000 servings on ONE cooked dish of it.

So, I did the same thing with Chinese Candy - but this time, I - lost count actually - but over 300 uses of the 10% additional servings per use of the spice. Meaning, I used the 10% spice that many times one ONE single dish of Chinese Candy that was cooking.

Yes, folks, it came out at at over 70,000 (SEVENTY-THOUSAND) servings off the one, single dish!! In 2 days, just one oven put out that many dishes. The only drawback, if you want to look at it that way, is that you only get Cafe points for the one cooked serving of it. Yes, I …


Let the fireworks begin. The tenant showed up that I had put the notice on his door - but I was in bed when he came home. Okay, it's not going to be fireworks, it just feels that way sometimes when you are forced into a position of having to deal - in rather negative terms - with tenants. Perhaps he will move out when I'm at work - won't be the first time that's happened - all well and fine, too, as long as the items removed do not lap over into MY things.

Something that caught my attention this morning: Obama is set to go out and try to win support for the health care reform bill - AFTER - he signs the bill. Huh? Aren't you supposed to do that BEFORE you decide to implement something that is so widely opposed, your political life is doomed forever? No, I don't think that far-reaching, I believe that many of these democrats that smugly recalcitrated over and over that they are "doing what's good for America" even though most of America sai…