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The lunacy continues. But that's all politics and all the junk that is going on - I believe we are all well aware of what is going on and how to correct it if you are so inclined - at the polls in November. I will guess that a record number of turnouts will be at those polls later this year and an even greater record to be set in the numbers of people registering to vote. I don't care how long that line is, I will be voting if I have to stand there 3 hours. Well, if I'm still around that is : ) I never like to assume that the span of my earthly existence will take me any further than the day I am in - ie: today. Yes, my beliefs are "steeped" in religion, or, more pointedly, coming from the Bible.

It is a bit odd, though, that radio talk show hosts are the people that have more "power" in all of this than most anyone. But, enough of that.

There is one thing that Obama is doing that I find particularly unsettling: his treatment of Israel, the Prime …