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Wrestlemania is being held at - whatever they call that stadium now - and my son and JD are going. That should be a cool event for them to go to, plus getting to go into this giant, huge, enormous structure - that would be entertainment in itself for me!

The newest tenant just paid up half a month's rent. I was amazed. Almost stupified - getting money early? Yee-hawwwww! She is, however, leaving for 70 days next month for some kind of military training. The agreement is that I would be able to rent out the room to short-termers/weekly/even daily rentals while she is gone, but she wanted to come back.

If another tenant pays up like he says he's going to, then I will be getting back into better financial shape. The third tenant - I have no idea. I haven't seen him in days. He comes and goes, that's his modus-operandi, but - I need to know when I'm going to get some more money is really all there is to it.

The ex-tenant of whose stuff I still have after 2-1/2…